wigs for Bambi Crony

Jul 21, 2006

    1. OK, so I'm already looking for wigs and whatnot for my Cookie... whom I haven't even finished saving up for. So this is mostly preliminary. I want white and pink.

      I love this wig:
      I love how it's got the long tendrils in the front, and then it's all short and choppy in the back. I asked, but Dollheart doesn't have that wig available. I'm hoping for something similar--even if it's all long, I can cut the back myself.

      Also, this white wig that the lovely Charity is sporting:
      The fourth pic down shows the whole wig. I absolutely adore this :love , and in my travels about, I haven't seen anything like it! Not on Leeke, or Luts, or anywhere else!

      Can someone help? Any idea where to get wigs similar to these?

      Greatly appreciate it. :)

    2. For sure, Roko, Cookie, and Kumi all take size 6 wigs :> (I think all the BC dolls do, but those are the only ones I know of for certain -- I have a girl body with a Cookie and Kumi head, and Cancan has Roko twins)

      I'd suggest Cancan for the first wig (you'd have to cut it yourself, but you can get it in pink in a size 6):


      For the second wig, you'll be best-off looking from a non-BJD source . . .

      Kemper Dolls has this one in a 6/7 (might be a teeny bit big but you can pin it to fit), plus probably others, this was a cursory search.

      Another good site: http://www.moniquewigs.com/

      This one comes in 5/6!

      Good luck!

      -- Andi :>
    3. Thank you, Ashbet! :)
    4. not for your specific wigs that you're looking for, but in general....
      they can share with Yo-SD right? if so, you could put Volks Super Dollfie Cute wigs on them... also TinyBear has some adorable mohair wigs in the right size