Wigs for Elfdoll Rainy girls?

Jul 6, 2005

    1. what size wigs should i buy, her head is 8 1/4", which would make her a 8-9, but most places only sell 7-8 or 9-10, is it better to go big or small? or could you tell me where to buy 8-9 size wigs?

      many thanks!
    2. Audreys offers a number of styles in 8-9. If the wig you want just doesn't come in that size, I'd say go small. When the wigs are meant for a slightly larger head they tend to swamp the facial features IMHO.
    3. I got 3 wigs for my soah from this ebay seller: eylcwsd - it is elaine from poshdolls. I got the brown bob wig, black flip wig, and another brown wig. They all fit perfectly. pictures are here: http://denofangels.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=27459 She is a very reliable seller!
    4. I just got in a bunch of custom wigs that fit Ryung and Soah perfectly: Short side-part fantasy color wigs, long side-part fantasy color wigs, z-part wigs in real hair colors, long wavy wigs...and have some others coming...

      Take a look:


      Thanks for looking!
    5. What great wigs! And good prices too! :grin:
    6. I hope this is the right place to post this :blush I am still being aquainted with this forum!

      I will hopefully be purchasing an Elfdoll Nabee (first doll! yay!) soon from another member here, and I really want to order a wig or two from Hairstar... But sometime I read a post here from someone who had tried an SD-sized wig on Nabee and it didn't fit her head as it (the wig) was too big! I read that Nabee's head is 8.26, and Hairstar's SD wigs are 9-10 inches... so should I just go with another company's MSD sized wigs, or chance it with the Hairstar SD sized ones and just do the velcro thing?

      Any help would be greatly appriciated! Thank you!
    7. Nabee is the same as Ryung and Soah. The 7-8 wigs fit them VERY well. Some sellers list this wig size as MSD but be warned some sell MSD wigs that are 6-7. They will NOT fit.

      I have found the 9-10 wigs to be to large even with velcro >_<

      Hope this helps
    8. I'm Getting a Sooah and a Soah head, Im so excited I have wnated them since they came out. I was told they wear a size 8 wig,
      One of the wig dealers says that the Monique Gold wigs should be a 7-8
      MSD size to fit Soah. But I have been doing some searching on this and have read that Soah can not wear an MSD wig? I know that different brands of wigs tend to be different in sizes, so what I need help with is a Monigue Gold size wig. If there is any other wigs you know that fit that would be Fantastic if you could tell me those too.
      Also how long was it until you got your Sooah, I have ordered her from Rainman.
    9. Monique gold collection size 7-8 is the correct size for Soah. Those wigs are extra stretchy, I have a size 8-9 on a doll with a head circumferance of 9.5" (so her actual size would be a 9-10). I just needed a bit of velcro to keep the edges from pulling up, though that shouldn't be the case with Soah in a 7-8.

    10. Thanks thats a big help, do you know what size Luts and Leeke wigs will fit her?
    11. Now thats a tough question because different wigs by the same manufacturer can be tighter or loser depending on the style. I guess it would be best if someone who owns a Soah and various wigs from those companies would answer it. My best piece of advice is to go with the smaller size as long as it has stretch, because the larger may just be too large, as in it would engulf her petite head and face.

    12. Thanks, I'll try that.
      I noticed you live in Indiana, what part?
      By the way I love your face-ups.
    13. I'm in the North West too, and thank you, your complement means a lot to me.

      Back on topic: would anyone with a soah care to elaborate please?:)

    14. Yes please!
    15. :bump

      Any other recommendations for a Size & Manufacturer of Wigs For Sooah?

      Monique Gold for Sooah = 7-8.
      What about Monique's other labels?
      Facets by Marcia?

      What sizes from these shops are the best fit for Sooah?
      And can you give a review of quality / density / elastic, etc?

      Sooah's on the way
      & the woman needs some hair!


    16. I have a JPop wig 7/8 for my new Soah and it fits perfectly. The hair is very fine and soft and she looks like a real person in it, not like a doll. I love JPop wigs the best of all the ones I've bought.
    17. I use an 8/9 and they are easy to get on and don't seem to big.
    18. I got an SD wig, and it's huge on her. Does anyone know if the msd wigs fit her?

    19. I dont know about dollmore, but my Elfdoll girl wears the Soulkids [souldoll's msd sized dolls] with a perfect fit. The Elfdoll girls are usually a 7/8 or small 8/9 in wig size.
    20. I bought a Dollmore MSD sized fur wig and it was way too small for Soah. I have the best luck with size 8-9 Monique gold wigs for her.