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Wigs for Obitsu heads?

Jul 29, 2005

    1. I searched, I swear, but I couldn't find my answer. If anyone can tell me or point me in the right direction, I'd be increadibly greatful!
    2. I have an open eyed Obitsu 60, and he wears regular SD size. He's just over 9", pretty standard.
    3. Thank you!
    4. Is her head roughly the same size as a standard SD-size head?

      (people are probably thinking 'you noob,how can you not know' but I just wanted to make sure.....)
    5. I own a Haruka and a few other dolls, and I'd say Haruka's head is a bit smaller, Sd wigs tend to be a bit too big for Haruka. But that doesn't mean she looks odd next to another sd sized doll in my opinion. :)
    6. I'd suggest trying 8-9 sized wigs -- you can find ones intended for Rainydolls or DOD DoTs -- for a better fit. You can also put a stitch (or a safety pin, if you're lazy) into the back of a larger wig so that it fits more closely to the head.

      -- Andi :>
    7. My Haruka boy happens to need 7-8 inch sized wigs. :)

      He's currently wearing a cancan j series wig that's MSD 7-8" sized and it fits him beautifully. Anything larger would be too loose from what I can tell.
    8. Yeah, mine too. On the Haruka doll website (lost the link but it's on the Obitsu website somewhere...), it says they fit 7-8in wigs. Cecilia at the moment has an Obitsu wig, it's a "small".

    9. Gretel's can also get away with MSD sized wigs. My girl has two Leekeworld MSD wigs, and once I stretched them a tiny bit, they fit wonderfully.
    10. The problem is that Gretel head size is 8.2 inches, MSD wigs are basically 7.5 and 8-9 SD wigs most of the time are 8.5 - 9, so 8-9 may be too large, 7-8 generally too small, my suggestion is to buy either very stretchy 7-8 wigs or buy wigs from doll sites that sell dolls with 8-8.5 heads like Musedoll or Elfdoll.
    11. Teo's got it right. I've found stretchy 7-8 wigs fit best... 8-9 wigs work if you're using a bit of velcro to secure it.
    12. If there has already been a thread about this,then I am truly sorry,but I could not find it then.My question is what sized wig would fit an Obitsu Haruka head??? Thanks so much.
    13. I recently orderd an obitsu online. Anyway its still shipping and I'm dying to look up more wigs for super dollfies and that will fit her. She can wear wigs that are 8-9 size and I've looked on dollmore. Any other websites that you all suggest I sholud check out for wigs that will be cheap!! I dont wanna pay more then atleast 25 bucks for a wig!
    14. I'd suggest cancan-jseries.net since they have inexpensive shipping (many doll companies only ship via EMS and that means at least $20 shipping in most cases!). I'd also suggest Monique wigs, you can buy from audreysdolls.com or other doll supply shops. They are well made and very affordable. Don't let the not-so-great stock photos turn you off, there are a lot of nice wigs. :) Actually, the doll in my icon is wearing a Monique wig, lol.
    15. Well thank you I'll look into it :-D my friend and I found its better for her and I to buy online together cause it saves shipping and what not!
    16. Have you checked out Parabox's website, they are a main dealer for all things Obitsu? I have ordered from them a couple of times and had good service.
    17. The Haruka, Gretel & Hansel all fit a 7 inch wig. The Angela head is a little bigger but can take a 7" as well, 8" might be better tho'. An 8" wig will fall off a Haruka and are loose on the Hansel & Gretel heads.
      This is Mimi (Angela head) with a 7" wig
      This is Hime (Gretel head) with a 7" wig
      This is Lucas (Hansel head) with a 7" wig
      And this is Clara (Haruka head, sans eyes) with another 7" wig

      hope this helped?
    18. ;0; Leekeworld wigs 8-9= NO. For a 60cm obitsu...but I dont care X'D
    19. hi im confused lol i thought obitsu 60 cm gretel head wore a 7-8 wig size but then i read it wears a 8-9 wig size :??? i have a
      in coming gretel head and i was about to purchase a wig for her today since im leaving town this weekend and hopefully the wig would get here before then but i luckily read my info again for precaution haha :aeyepop:and now im super confused on the size of wig she wears,i would really appreciate your helps guys :abow: :aheartbea