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Wigs for Orientdoll So type?

Dec 29, 2008

    1. I cannot find any amazing wigs for my OD So Dong Girl and she deserves the best. I like mohair, but am not a huge fan. Can anyone tell me of some spots that carry wigs for her right now? DDE is sold out. Thanks in advance for the help.
    2. Pretty much any size 4 will work...most of mine are from Monique, which I buy at www.audreysdolls.com .

      You can also use the wigs made for the vinyl Volks dollfie dolls, or Barbie.
    3. Thanks Clochette, but I thought she had to have a 3/4. That just a 4 was too big. In fact I have a 4 inch wig (looks like a Hannah) that came with another doll that So Dong swims in.
    4. I know they share size with pukis (IMO monique size 4 wigs are too big for pukis, I used mine for PFs... but I don't know, maybe it depends from the model. I had a lot of Hannahs for PFs, and none fit pukis) so if you want to check in my sign there's a link to the puki faq (in my blog, or in the flickr group). You may find it useful for clothes too.
    5. Dunno, that's what I use for my Sos...I use the straight 4 or RD4, the one they normally show on Barbies.

      My Ui wears a Hannah, it doesn't seem that big to me, maybe I just got a smallish one. I know that the wigs I get for Fee vary in size a little from wig to wig, even though I use the same model.

      Have you tried Dollfie Plus wigs? I have a couple of those, and they work pretty well.
    6. Dollfie plus wigs work very well. My OD Dong is wearing one. Size 4 wigs are all trial and error because depending upon the style and design some do fit. My OD Ji is wearing a Monique mohair wig called Yo-Yo in size 4 and it fits beautifully. Sorry I don't have time to post pictures right now (at work).
    7. Yup, definately hit-or-miss. The size 4s I have are way too large, and the size 3s way too small. You can try snipping the wig-cap of a small wig, or darting a large one, but at this scale that tends to distort the wig too much. I actually haven't found any yet that really fit mine.