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Wigs for Realpuki?

Oct 10, 2010

    1. I have bought a Realpuki doll basic. Anyone knows where I can buy a wig for my doll?
      What size 3 or 4?

      I have asked Fairyland if Pukipuki wigs fits to Realpuki but they told me the wigs might look too big.
    2. Mine haven't arrived yet, but I know that these sellers custom make beautiful wigs for them:

      ...and you'll find loads of information on this thread. Lots and lots of resources and information about where others have found wonderful things for their RP.

      Congratulations on your new little one and can't wait to see her. :)
    3. Thanks for the info. I'm waiting for Soso, she hasn't arrived yet. I will post pics later when I got her. ;)
    4. My Pukis share wigs with my Realpukis--they are not too big, but sometimes if you have one with LOTS of hair, it is too much on Realpuki. Many wigs come 3-4, those should fit fine.
    5. Ok, that's good to know, then I can order some wigs from Fairyland :)
    6. i was worried about the same thing, so i had a look at all the wig tutorials out there and made my own. the first was tricky but the second much easier once i knew the method. Fairyland wigs are lovely, but me being me i just get such a kick out of having made my own. would love to see what you choose to get!