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Wigs Promotion AtWD

Feb 4, 2009

    1. We are glad to announce that starting from today we have EyeCo soft glass eyes available on our store: All the Way Down.

      They are in stock, so ready for shipping! ^^

      Cheers!! :D
    2. We are glad to announce that starting from today we are the new official Italian (and European) distributors for Ringdoll Company:


      Check it out!

      For any infos, you can contact me by PM or Here

      We have to update the website with the new company but we are already operating!

      Tnx for visiting :aheartbea
    3. Where is ringdoll located?
    4. Can people from out of Europe (eg: USA, Canada) order Ringdoll products from you?
    5. Ringdoll is a New Company made by some Dollzone Artists. It is located in Hong Kong and we are official distributors ^^
      Yes, everyone can order from us ^^
      Actually we are making a totally new web site where there will be shopping cart too.
      If you want to order now from us, you can log in the Official Forum and send me a PM [I am Yuri on that forum ^^]

      Thank you very much for questions!

    6. Little updating: we made the Ebay shop, where you can find some of our productd [actually Eyeco only] in promotion! AtWD Ebay Shop

    7. We are opening a new Pre-order from Nightfall.
      Ending period: 15 March.

      For every info please contact my by PM or by All the Way Down website ^^

    8. Hello!!!

      All the Way Down... new website is now online!!!

      Please check it out!!

      As always, for any info or doubts, contact us on our forum!!!

    9. Great site! I think you should be more precise about the eyes, for Eyeco and Ringdoll we do not know if they are glass or acrylic. Also, I've noticed that when I go to releaserain > glass eyes, then I cannot go back to "home", the link menu has changed and is broken.
      Hope this helps. ^^
    10. Thank you very very much!
      I'll comunicate those problems to the webmaster!
      Eyeco are the soft glass eyes, ringdoll are glass eyes ^^

      Please if you find anyother problems just tell me ^^
    11. PM or email your comments/issues directly to Spider_in_Love.
      This forum is for posting news alerts. Thank you.
    12. Hallo! Since we are recently became dealers with "For my Doll", we open a new pre-order period!

      You can order from us DEFAULT wigs that you can find on web site and CUSTOM wigs by sending to me a pic of the wig's style that you'd wish ^^
      (obviously, we DON'T reproduce exhistent wigs by other companies)

      Please don't write overthere but contact me by pm or at allthewaydown@ymail.com


    13. Hi everybody!

      We have great News from Italy!

      All the Way Down became new official dealer for those 3 important BJD labels:

      - Doll in Mind [DiM]
      - Notdoll Lab
      - Cutie Angel

      As usually, the prices on our website include everything for Italy. We ship worldwide but contact us before buy to know shipping costs.

      resuming: On our website you can find:

      - Dollzone
      - Doll in Mind
      - Not Doll
      - Cutie Angel
      - For my Doll [wigs & Tools at the moment]
      with a pre-order system and

      - Releaserain's toys and collectibles
      - EyeCo soft glass eyes
      With everything in stock

      thank you for reading ^^ :aheartbea
    14. New promotional period on All the Way Down Ebay Shop! Free shipping worldwide OR the same shipping costs worldwide!
      AtWD on Ebay

    15. Hello!!! I'm carrying our last surprise!!!
      Starting from today we're dealers for Souldoll !!:aheartbea
      Our website will be updated very soon!!

      Here you are our date for the first pre-orders:

      DIM from 1 May to 1 June

      Notdoll from 1 May to 1 July

      Souldoll from 1 May to 1 July

      For every question, PM me or Contact me trhgh All the way down website ^^

      Yu :D
    16. New Spring Promotion!
      You will receive a beautiful Kinchaku bag [bento bag], branded Sashiko, within a lot of random items for your BJD [over than 5 pieces]! What will You surely find in Fukubukuro? Eyes, Shoes, some wigs, various items etc!

      Moreover, you will have a nice Gift directly from Tokyo!

      You can choose the correct size for your doll! Please read carefully the auctions!

      The total Value of the goods usually exceeds 100/150 EURO!

      We ship Worldwide!

      Please check our Ebay Shop


      AtWD staff
    17. New Promotion! Pre order wigs on Ebay.it & Ebay.it

      You can buy more wigs styles from our website

      Preorder period start from now and finish on 10th June 2009
      Just mail me if you need infos!