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Wigs to fit Dollzone Snow?

Jul 27, 2019

    1. I've heard around the grapevine that DZ's Snow has a bit of an awkward head size. For those that have Snow, what wig sizes from what companies fit him well, besides his fullset one? I'm not a huge fan of DZ's wig selection.

      I could also be incorrect and he's a normal size! I'm just doing some research before I go prepping for a new order hehe.
    2. My wife has two DZ Snow heads, he fits Licht 2.5D 7-8 wigs great. The 8-9s work in a pinch with a silicone wig cap underneath, but they definitely try and swallow the forehead!
    3. I don't have him so I'm not sure but speaking of wigs. I'm a really big fan of the Monique wigs. They do stretch slightly and it's Monique.com or facetsboutique.com. Same kind of wigs. A lot of my SD's can wear either a 7-8 or an 8-9 in these, depending if they have a bigger or smaller head.
    4. I have some Monique wigs at home in 7-8, so I can test them. I think an 8-9 from Monique would be too big
    5. @IzabethS oh wow, that's still even smaller than I expected! Hell yeah, thank you. Generally speaking, do you know how Lichts compare to other wigs?
      I would love to know if the Moniques fit too! Ideally, I'd really like to get something custom from For My Doll, but their wig sizes have proved unpredictable for a friend of mine.

      I definitely don't mind giving a haircut to a larger wig if i have to lol, but you know. I'd rather get somethin that fits good :>

      @Christina_Xx thank you for the suggestion! I'll take a look :0
    6. I'll take some pictures for you shortly! I know that the 8-9 wigs from ForMyDoll are too big (have some at home that swallow the head), so their 7-8s should fit fine.

      I'll edit this post with pics once I can!


      So, I got a picture of the Licht 2.5D Wig and a Monique wig, both in 7-8 sizing, as well as a ForMyDoll wig in 8-9.

      Licht 7-8
      Fit: Good, but a little tight. Head is very smooth so I recommend a rubber band as a wig stopper to keep it from popping off!

      Monique 7-8
      Fit: Good, went on with no problems. Kept the rubber band on the head to prevent the wig from flying away. Went on easier than the Licht wig.

      ForMyDoll 8-9
      Fit: Bad, far too big! There's so much space under the wig and it swallows his face...

      I can also try out a Licht 2.5D in 8-9, Monique 8-9, Fatiao in 7-8, and Leekeworld in 7-8
      Just let me know!
      #6 IzabethS, Jul 28, 2019
      Last edited: Jul 28, 2019
    7. My Dollzone Snow has Luts 8-9 inch wig . I like that the wig cap is shallow and the wig doesn't fall off on the head. It's a pity that Luts has a small selection of models of this size.
    8. This is Dollzone Gray in 8-9 with silicone cap. Gray and Snow are the same size.

      [​IMG]IMG_4836 by Rabbid Bunnies, on Flickr
    9. ahh sorry for the delayed reply!! thank you all so much for your thoughts!

      @IzabethS thank you for all the photos!! you're right, the FMD 8-9 totally eats his forehead haha. Hopefully one of their 7-8s would fit him better, since FMD does customs and i have something specific in mind...
      the rubber band is also such a good idea; i keep forgetting about that strategy.

      @Stephan_Swallow ahh i saw your boy on the front page, i love him! I had my hopes set on a Luts wig a year or two ago before i realized his head was a size smaller; you're right, they have a very small selection in that size. It fits him super nicely though!

      @RabbidBunnies ohh, your gray is so pretty!! I love how long the hair is - what brand of wig is that? :0
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