Wigs to fit Elfdoll Rainy boys?

Jul 25, 2006

    1. I have a few too many wigs and I'm going to be getting Elfdoll Red soon and I need to know if the Luts Delf size wigs will fit him - I know that Luts boys have a 9.5" head and Elfdoll boys have 8.5" head - I'm sure they wont but I need the clarification so I can sell my extra wigs instead of holding onto them for my incoming doll. Thanks in advance!
    2. just need a quick yes or no so I can get rid of a few wigs that I would otherwise be saving for an elfdoll
    3. No, Red's head is only 8" and Luts wigs would be way big on him. (I'm wondering if Elfdoll doesn't need a new tape measure or something, almost all the measurements on the boys they've posted so far have been wrong.)
      I got mine a 7-8 Monique and it fits perfectly.
    4. thank you thank you!
    5. What brands and sizes fit and are the fits consistent? *_*

      My Elfdoll Red currently has an MSD-sized (7-8") wig from Cancan (I kid you not) that he shares with my Haruka-head boy and I've been shopping for wigs for him so he doesn't have to share with (the other) Z.

      The problem is, I can't quite get the sizing right. :sweat

      He's -supposed- to be an 8.X" head and therefore should fit 8-9" wigs, but the 8-9" wig I got for him from Cancan, which I adore, fits perfectly over his head, but is a tad loose because the elastic isn't stretched.

      Everyone keeps telling me that he wears 8-9" wigs, but errrr...

      He's fitting a 7-8" wig right now - rather snugly albeit -and I'm wondering what that says about his future wigs.

      Can anyone help me and tell me what size and brand wigs fit their Reds and Wus and how well they fit?

      I prefer snugly fitting because I hate messing with velcro or snaps. :sweat

      Pictures of the boys wearing their nicely-fitting wigs are very much welcome! :D



      Do any of the Leekeworld wig sizes - from the largest to the MSD sized - fit your Elfdoll boys and girls?

      In my experience, the largest Leeke wigs sized L on the tags were way too big and the MSD sized M on the tags were too small, but could potentially be wrangled on after much frustration and tugging.

      There's a newer in-between size out there and I was wondering if anyone's tried that size between that L and the M and what their experiences were.

      So... Leekeworld wig experiences anyone?
    6. Surprisingly, I have a KStarr wig in 9-10, and while it covers his ears when fitted snugly, I'm quite happy how it looks on him. But trust me, I can shake him upside down and it's going nowhere. I'll be EXTREMELY pleased when KStarr takes orders for smaller wigs, so the hair line is a bit more accurate.


      I was considering Cancan 7-8 or 8 wigs. So good to know they fit.
      Anyone got other suggestions?
    7. [​IMG]

      Schuldig has a cancan wig that was labelled as a straight 8 in the auction, no idea if that is common or it was just a typo, and it fits him perfectly. It seems like the best options for Red are 7/8 wigs with a good elastic cap on them. I'd rather go a little tight than a little loose.
    8. Ahhhh ha! So 8" or 7-8" work best so far...

      And I love Cancan's wigs! They're very nice and silky and the elastic wigcaps are definitely a plus.

      Which reminds me, if you buy her wigs, not all of them have elastic wigcaps and the ones that don't will be marked as such on her website. :)
    9. Wow, see, I had no idea they had such tiny heads. I just bought a wig in advance for my Red of the future and got it 9-10. That kinda stinks it's handmade furwig with no elastic so it undoubtedly will not fit him. Bugger.
    10. To be quite frank, neither did I! O_O;;;

      His head is undoubtedly bigger than the Haruka's, but with stretching, the 7-8" wig DOES fit quite snugly.

      I had to sell my other wig because it was too large for him. ^^;;;
    11. Red's head is exactly 8 inches, so both 7-8 and 8-9 would fit him, either just snug, or a bit loose, as long as they have elastic caps. I think Cancan's the only one I've seen so far that sells just "8" but I do love her so for it. :aheartbea
      DoT wigs fit them nicely too.
    12. DoT wigs do too? Awesome! I'll take a look and see if there's anything I like. :)

      On another note, when I did metric conversions, Red's head (according to the site) is larger than 8", but depending on where exactly I measure his head circumference, the number varies slightly - GAH! *_*

      Again, thank you!

      And yes, much love for Cancan's wigs! :aheartbea
    13. Both the DOT wigs I bought for my Red fit him well, although, the wig cap sizes were each fractionally different. But I think that is just DOD?
    14. Hi...I've heard elfdoll boys have smaller heads than usual SDs so am wondering what wig size is best for them since my Red will be here by the end of the week :sweat

      Also, anyone know any good places to find a wide variety of mohair wigs? *_*
    15. Yaaaaay for Red! :3

      I say he's a solid size 8. My Red wears a wig from Cassiel and my Wu wears a secondhand wig from Bittenbefore, they fit on nicely (though the Wu wig is a tad big). I added one of them silcone wig caps and the wigs only come off if I pick them off or I handle them roughly (like sticking the dolls into a bag or something).

      I hope that helps a little bit. :) Congrats on yer Red!!!
    16. Does this answer also apply to Sooah? Can MSD wigs fit her? Or do I have to go with the 8-9" wigs from Iplehouse?
    17. Elfdoll's SD size dolls are at a slightly more natural scale, so ALL of them have a bit smaller heads than usual. Wigs that work for Wu and Red also work for the Rainy girls.

      I would also recommend using a wide rubber band around the spot where the headcap and head meet. We use it on our Wu, who has a DoT wig, and it's like magic. Remember that rubber bands and/or velcro can make any wig in the 8-9 range fit!:D
    18. Reviving a thread from the dead because heck if I'm not having some trouble with finding wigs for my 8 inch or so noggin. *_*

    19. Just bought JPopdolls' 7-8 inch wig and noooope it doesn't fit. Gonna try 8-9 inch wig next.

      GEHHHHH! Frustrating! :sweat