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Will a kid delf head fit on a Lati Blue Body?

Jun 26, 2007

    1. I'm thinking of giving my kid delf head a more mature body, but I've heard Minifee bodies don't look right... too small, I guess... So will a kid delf head fit on a Lati Blue Body? I like the look of Lati Blue Body, it's got graceful curves like the old Luts body...:) If Lati Blue doesn't fit what body should I look at?:? Any ideas?
    2. I haven't put a MSD head on the LatiBlue body yet, but I did do it the other way around. The LatiBlue neck is much, much thicker than the MSD neck-- so you'll either have to sand it thinner or mod the head. On how it looks... it might look alright. It depends on what head you're using. :) I would expect a head with a longer face (Kid Delf An) would look better than a squashed head (Kid Delf Ani).
    3. There's actually a thread about here somewhere for KD heads on MNF bodies. I'll see if I can find a link. Some look okay, others look good. Like chienism said, it depends on what head you're looking at. ^_^
    4. Are you talking girl or boy body/head?
    5. I wish to know if it´s possible to put a Latiblue head on a Luts body. Does anyone knows?