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Will a Mini Fee head fit on a DZ body?

Jun 28, 2007

    1. I'm just wondering if a MnF head (MnF Shiwoo sleeping vamp) will fit on a DollZone 1/4 boy body?
      If it will, would I have to mod it in any way to get the head to fit correctly?
      Also, would a MnF head look too small on a DZ body, seeing as DZ boys are a few cms taller than a MnF boy?

      Any info will help. And pics of a DZ boy head next to a MnF head would be very helpful too, as well as body comparisons. :)
    2. Bump...I'd like to know for sure too, since I really love the dollzone bodies.

      I guess technically you can attach any head to any body it's merely a case of knowing how severe the modification would have to be.
    3. There's a MNF Lishe boy on a DZ boy body... looks pretty good if you ask me :0 The doll's owner is Naiara, so you could look in her threads or you could search in the gallery for "Radio" (that's the doll's name) :3 I'm pretty sure that even though it's Lishe's head, all the MNF heads probably have the same neck hole opening size... since you can choose the body you want with the My Choice... :0
    4. *Nods* I didn't realize that Radio was a DZ-crossbreed... Huh. But yes, all MNF heads have the same one-touch system opening. So if you can find out from Naiara what she did to make it work, you should be all set! ^_^

    5. My boy,
      Radio has a one touch system i got from the marketplace ^_^
      i think you can ask luts for one instead of a neck donut with you order.

      Without the one touch system it should work if you mod the mnf neck hole.
      The dz head sizes are about the same as far as i seen, only they're body's have wider shoulders what only makes them look..strong?

    6. Thanks guys!!!!!!!
    7. Naiara, is the mini fee head normal skin or white skin and what skin id the doll zone body?