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Will Dollheart clothing fit 60cm & 70cm boys?

Jul 14, 2009

    1. I've visited Dollheart website. And there are several items I want from them. Anyways, I plan on buying two SD male dollfies. One of the men is just 61 cm and the other 70 cm, my question is how can tell which SD 1/3 clothes goes with which?
    2. First the short answer:

      Dollheart SD13 size boy clothing will only fit boys that are around 60cm tall. Dollheart doesn't make any clothing that will fit a 70cm doll.

      Long answer:

      SD is an abbreviation of Volks terminology for their Super Dollfie line of dolls. An SD/SD10 boy is 58cm tall, an SD13 boy is around 60cm tall. Any doll not made by Volks is not an "SD" so it does get confusing when it's applied to other doll types in other heights and shapes. Many clothing companies use Volks sizing for their lines because it's been a generally standard size for boy dolls until recently.

      When looking for clothing for very particular dolls it's best to ask about that type. So if you are hoping it will fit a 70cm Dollzone or a 70cm Dollmore Model boy it's best to call them by company and model type. Not every 70cm tall boy has the same arm length and waist size. ;) In the case of 60cm boys, some are very thin like the Abio Angel boys or very thick waisted like Dollstown 15 boys.
    3. That said, I've seen some DH clothes on 65cm dolls. And some 70cm, but it's likely the sleeves and trouser legs will be too short, and depending on measurements, some dolls will just be way too big (or sometimes too slim!). You're definitely going to be taking a risk. Check to see how closely your doll's measurements come to those of more standard 60cm dolls. And be prepared to have pants flood and sleeves be too short.

      Sometimes DH can be snug on some 60cm dolls...

      Same goes for most doll clothes... Try and ask owners of your doll if they have found that DH will fit.

      In general, I agree that the clothes are made for 60cm dolls, not 70cm dolls.
    4. I have a dollheart outfit that fit my SD17 boy. :)
      but then again I only own one boy outfit from there! :sweat
    5. Yeah I have gotten a few DH things on my SD17 boy but he's only 64cm, so he's really 70cm big. The hip circumference of SD13, SD16 and SD17 boys is very close so most pants can be interchangeable between them, I'm not sure about hip size for the new Graffiti he seems smaller. SD16s & SD17s have broader shoulders so you have to watch out for that.
    6. IS there an updated data base anywhere for dollheart sizes compared to various dolls? My doll has measurements similar to SD 17, (if both sets of measurements are accurate!) so I'm wondering if he could wear Dollheart's SD 17 outfits.
    7. Dollheart Forest Hunter set for SD70 cm:

      (SpiritDoll 2nd version Proud body)


    8. No idea about a sizing database, but FWIW, my Bermann wore Dollheart's "Sullivan" pirate outfit in the SD17/70cm size for Halloween, and it fit him beautifully.
    9. Dollheart produced an outfit 'for' a Souldoll Zenith boy. I don't have my doll yet to confirm fit tho XD . I will soon tho. The boots used for it tho apparently came from LUTS.