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Will Dream of Dolls outfits fit Delf boys?

Jan 24, 2007

    1. I was just wondering.
      Would DOT outfits, fit eluts El?
    2. generally they should, the only problem areas might be the thighs but DoD outfits generally aren't tight around the legs....I can try a couple of mine on my CP boy body if you want
    3. Oh yes please that would be great. :aheartbea
    4. Edit.

      In case anyone else is curious, I can now verify that the answer to my question is most definitely a yes!

      For proof, see here - http://talithax.livejournal.com/108937.html#cutid1

      Once again, thank you to those to replied. :)


      I apologise if this has been asked before (I looked and looked -- searched using the terms Delf and Luts -- seriously, but couldn't find it), but...

      Can Delf boys wear DoT clothing?

      (If this has been asked please and it's just my searching skills that are lacking, please point me in the right direction and either delete or move this post - thanks!)
    5. Yup. Peregrine is currently wearing this outfit. The pants tend to unbutton when he sits down, but otherwise the fit is lovely.
    6. Yea, apparently they restocked clothing... This could be very very bad...
    7. They absolutely can! My favourite outfit for my tan el is the default Ducan outfit -- I was a little worried about size when I originally bought it but as you can see, it fits like a dream :3nodding:
    8. Brilliant! :)

      Thank you so much for your reply. Your El looks great and I now can't wait until the outfit I bought arrives!
    9. I recently discovered, finally, the dream of doll url. I was curious if the clothing for the D.O.T. dolls would fit a LUTS delf doll? Thanks~! :?
    10. Pretty well. My boy fits everything he's tried. My girl has fit almost everything, but was too busty for one of the three tops she has from them.

    11. Alright, thank you! I've been searching for an answer everywhere! :D
    12. the boy stuff should be ok for the big stuff. Watch that you don't buy the DoI stuff or your poor Delf will swim in it (like putting on Hound clothing)

      The girls wear will be a tight fit for anything that's closer to the body since the bust and waist are significantly smaller (I bought a riche black set for my girl and she swam in it...and it looked silly since she couldn't fill it out).

      The mini stuff is pretty easy to fit though on the MNF at least :sweat but for boys the DoT wear is ok. Shoes a bit big but boots are fine and feet with socks should be ok, though honestly the Luts selection is probably a lot better.
    13. I've got a Delf girl body (type 2, lower hip joint) and have tried her in DOT girl clothing - the top looked alright, closed easily, but the trousers don't fit at all. I struggled to get them over her hips, and then even when getting them on they don't close at all. :sweat