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Will mini elfdoll soah fit Riley clothes?

Sep 7, 2008

    1. Just curious, A riley doll and the mini soah look to be about the same size- 20cm. Does anyone know if they could share outfits and shoes?

      Not sure if I could get one anyway- Do they ever restock these tinydolls?
    2. I can't help you regarding the clothes, I'm afraid. However, I did see a Doona (Little Soah) on the 'Doll Peddlar' shop site, yesterday. You could try there to see if she's still in stock.
    3. My ElfDoll tiny Soah, Ryung, and Hana Angel and Devil, all share some of Riley's clothes. You need to be careful about the length of pants and some sleeves, but in general, things work okay. My Ryung is wearing a pair of seamstress-made jeans with Riley's "skateboard outfit" jacket, hat, and shoes. The shoes are a little large, but look fine with the jeans. My Soah is wearing a Riley seamstress-made kimono, and it works perfectly. My Hana Angel is wearing a Tonner Tiny Ann Estelle dress, and also wears Tiny Besty dresses on occasion.

      I have seen some of these dolls in the DoA marketplace from time to time. In fact, I thought I wanted to sell my Ryung, but changed my mind after seeing how nice IngieBee's enhancements to her Ryung looked. :fangirl:

      Good luck!
    4. My Ryung and Hana wear seamstress made Riley PJ's that are really cute on them, but I think that Riley is a little chubbier. But a lot of dresses tie in the back. I was thinking of getting more outfits for Glimmer, but haven't done so yet.

      Betsy McCall Anne Estelle, um.... Kickits are supposed to all fit fine according to the doll peddler.

      Aw, thanks Sabrina, I'm glad you liked Glimmer :) and I'm glad she made you change your mind!

      BTW, Glimmer sometimes wears a really hot looking number by Robert Tonner's Kickits dolls, (going batty) that fits her personality really well. It's a little tight, but does fit! so if kickits are the same size as Riley (not sure) watch for leg and arm length, it'll be tight :) Not sure if the body stocking for that outfit is supposed to be so tight, but it does go on my Ryung :)

      You can still get Soah at the doll peddler, which I believe offers layaway (always a help!)

    5. thanks for the help!!
    6. Tiny Betsy things fit for the most part. Some of the tops that have more fitted sleeves require you to remove the hand to get it to fit, but everything else works. Same with Tiny AE. The shoes also fit Hanas/Sooahs. I've also had wonderful luck with the old 8" Madeline clothing. Everything I've tried fits because Madeline's hands are about the same size as Hana/Sooah.