Will minifee a-line clothes fit a spiritdoll smart girl body?

May 28, 2020

    1. I found a really pretty pair of jeans I want to get my spiritdoll girl but they are made to fit msd bodies. Has anyone one tried putting clothes designed for minifee she on a spiritdoll body? Will they fit?
    2. Yes and yes! I used to buy my Spiritdoll Smart girl minifee clothes all the times. I've since sold her but passed on the advice to her new owner and she does the same.
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    3. I am going to be a bit more cautious and say the hips are bigger on the spiritdoll body so you need trousers with stretch. The spiritdoll body has a very different bust and shoulder design so once again, clothes with stretch or looser fitting are needed, bustiers just won't work, their arms are longer than minifee so sleeves can look too short. Alot of clothes can be shared but not all.
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