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Will Musedoll dress fit to other dolls?

Aug 14, 2008

    1. I've just bought Musedoll's dresses. Will Musedoll dresses fit to other SD dolls? Has anyone has tried to put the dresses on other factory's dolls?
      Gosh! Musedoll outfits are so stunning :)
    2. Which on are you talking about. I mean I manage to put Lolita Noir I bough from them on a SD13 girls. Their stuff fit on a DOT Shall too. So I think so. But mind you never try the jeans that I got from them . But yes most of the stuff I would say.
    3. Here two photo with my Shall wearing a white top from musedoll and the shoes too!
      And a SD 13 girls wear the skirt that I mention about:
      Mind you never tried a one piece dress.
    4. Thank you cutemeow for the pics.... I like Shall too. She's pretty and the white top from Musedoll is great! :D

      Well, I am thinking to put one piece Musedoll lolita dress on Souldoll body. There's 1 cm different size on waist. Musedoll has a slimmer waist than Souldoll.

      Anyway I am going to order Musedoll Ciel around next week (But still cannot decide which make up style I should choose - smoky or romatic style :? ). And probably order Souldoll in the next month. Well....I would be happier if those gorgeos Musedoll lolita dress will fit on my Souldoll....:)
    5. You mean souldoll double? I have Hye at home you sure souldoll is slimmer than musedoll? I mean from what I remember souldoll is tiny where musedoll is more curvey (i know she have tiny waist)
      I have order my girl-Ciel in smoky:
      I have dilemma when I order her too but both is nice.
      She is a gorgeous girl. ( you can see more of her in my Flickr)
      If you want I will try to measure my girl tonight for you.
    6. Wow! Thanks alot! It seems you have all the answer I need :)
      You have Ciel in smoky (I had asked somewhere in DOA but no result), even you have Souldoll Hye (my next order after Ciel).

      If you don't mind.... :)
      I'm just confused about the measurement of Souldoll. They said the waist is 15,5 cm and the height is only 55cm. The waist should be slimmer with the short body like that.

      I visited your flickr and found that you have Musedoll Erato, Clio and Ciel... :o
      What a lucky!!

      I also have question about Musedoll flat and heeled feet. Do you have any pics of Musedoll's feet without shoes? Can Musedoll with heeled feet stand straight alone without shoes? Does she need special shoes?

      Sorry for asking you so many question... :sweat
    7. I will try to find all of them out for you when I get home :) ( went home a bit late yesterday:sweat )
      Standing wise my Erato not stand very well if you search the thread in the forum you might find some more info on that. They tends to string it too tight I found at least on Erato. Clio seems better duo they must have imporve on it. But yes I will take some photo for you tonight. :D

    8. Right I will try to answer all your question mind you did have fun after work today took a lot of photos and have fun with the girls.
      Measurement: Musedoll Hye
      Head 8" 7.75"
      Chest 22.5cm 22.5cm (Same!!)
      Waists 14.5cm 15cm (oh they are right)
      Hip 24cm 22cm (MS know for their curvy)
      Here is some photo comparsion:

      one thing I discover is color is very different
      This is normal skin Musedoll!

      Musedoll feet
      NS musedoll
      Flat feet on the Left hight heel feet on the right! :)
      Heel feet can stand without shoes but require some skill they not need special shoes although high heel shoes does help. I am not a very good at getting musedoll to stand on their own but never complain.:sweat (my all the other girls tend to stand much better than musedoll girls) Resin quality is good I would say compare to Souldoll but Souldoll is so posable. :roll: I need to say as my ones are limited edition, I tends to took them out to play much less the other girls :sweat ( I know is not fair to them but is always been like that to them).
      I did took more photos of my girls I put them on Flickr you can go and see them and maybe it will give you more answer to your questions ;)
      Need to say Musedoll dolls are all very beautiful their face mold just gorgeous
    9. Thank you so much. All things are clear now.... :)
      I am glad that Musedoll one piece dress will fit to Soudoll Double too. Yiey!!

      This week I decide to order Musedoll Ciel in smoky style, cobalt blueeyes, creamy white body and assemble flat feet. I'm so excited!! And seeing the photos of your girls makes me want Souldoll Hye and Musedoll Clio more and more.... .Not mention about your Musedoll Thalia. She's so beautifully pure and white :fangirl: so envy...........:(

      Still I cannot afford those girls right now. But maybe their layaway program will do help me.....hahaha:lol:

      Thanks again cutemeow.....
    10. Just thought I'd add my own piece to this thread as I recently spent ages trying to find out if one of musedolls many beautiful outfits would fit my Luts Delf Miyu. Anyway I took the plunge and am happy to say that the vanilla pudding dress and matching boots fit perfectly.


    11. Hello Verochan! All my Peaks Woods girls fit into Musedoll like a dream...I have Skiya, Goldie and Sky and every outfit from Musedoll fits them perfectly;)
    12. I bought one of their new dresses (can't remeber it's name right now - gray loli-ish looking dress) and it did not fit my SD13 girl. Too small around the waist, would even come close to closing up the back.
    13. Repeat question: I have no idea if this is the correct place to ask....but does anyone know where the Musedoll site has gone please?!

    14. Musedoll does not fit Volks SD-10 girls unless it is a stretchy fabric. Jane I think they need to renew their site. They maybe be switching servers. They are a great company so I cannot imagine anything has actually happened. Hang in there and keep checking back.
    15. Thank you very much....I am just worried :(

      And I find that Musedoll outifts fit my early CH dolls very well.....unless the sleeve opening is too small.
      Musedoll girls have very dainty hands :)

    16. Just for other people's reference - I have a DiM - Love (SD) - Bellosse, and the "Antique Dream" set fits beautifully, with two exceptions:
      I had to take her hands off to get the sleeves on
      And it does not totally zip up in the back - but only on her neck, where her long wig covers it anyway... but might look funny from the back if she was wearing a "short" wig...