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Will SOOM jointed hands fit on other dolls?

Jan 4, 2008

    1. Does anyone know, if the SOOM Jointed hands for Spinnel will fit an normal SD - like for exampel an B&G boy?
    2. They have a typical ball joint configuration so they could fit on another type of doll. Keep in mind that Soom wrists are very skinny even on the big guys so the ball may look a little small in some wrist sockets. The hands themselves are small in scale and I don't think they would look too big on a 60cm boy. :)

      I don't have access to any B&G dolls so I can't test it for you. It should work though.
    3. I honestly don't know if this belongs here but if it doesn't I'm so sorry and Mods please feel free to move at will! :D

      So I've been searching to forum trying to find the answer and I haven't been able to yet. I know you can buy the Super Gem boys with the jointed hands but you can't seem to be able to buy just the hands unless you go to the FFD page and then it looks like they're just in MA size. I'm so confused, and before I put down $150 on some hands I want to make sure they're going to fit. Help :sweat
    4. I've seen the hands and I think they're smaller than Sabik's. I'd try putting a question on the Q&A board. Also Soom is supposedly releasing an incubus soon and it looks as though he'll be popular. You can try putting a request on one of the discussion threads.
    5. I seem to recall reading that the hands are interchangeable between super gem and mecha angel but I can't remember where I read that so I can't be sure

      sabik has pretty small wrists/hands though so it doesnt seem unfeasable
    6. The jointed hands fit Super Gem and Mecha Angel!^^
      In real life they are exactly the same size as the normal Mecha Angels hands, which are a bit on the small side for a 80cm doll. So, I find they look even better on a Super Gem. They are great, you'll have fun with them!^^
    7. Does anyone know if the jointed hands from Soom would fit a 60 cm doll?
      The site says they're for Mecha Angel which are 80cm tall.........
    8. It should fit. I have a MA with regular hands and they are tiny for his size. So I am guessing that the jointed hands will be ok to fit with a 60cm doll, but make sure his wrists are on the larger size.
    9. What about on a 70cm DZ boy?
      I really like the Jointed hands, but I don't think I would get them if they were small looking...
    10. If you can wait a bit, I can try it out for you :)
      My hand is painted black and partially covered in clockwork pieces though, so I'm not sure how much help it would be :sweat
    11. i saw someone try it on a Leeke 60cm... Mihael, i think. it looks a good fit:)
    12. @kuru

      Oh! I've seen your doll, he's so amazing! I just want to see how they compare to the normal 70 hands. <3 thanks for help'in me out ^__^
    13. Thanks Eien!
      Unfortunately, I think you may be out of luck with the jointed hands. I've taken a few pictures with the Dollzone hand and the Soom jointed hand next to eacher...



      Personally I think they're a little too small, though I suppose it could work..?
    14. Sorry to jump in here, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the resin would match an Iplehouse boy and if the size would work?

      I've really been wanting to do more poses with my boy and hands on any human are some of the most expressive parts.
    15. I have them on my Husky. I got the SOOM cream white hands and they match my WS Husky perfectly. Bear in mind however, that my Husky is from April and is very, very white.
      The fit is great as they are similarly sized to his original Dollshe hands.
    16. You can order jointed hands when you order a SuperGem boy, they might be a little big on a regular Gem boy, but there's nothing wrong with big hands.
    17. I was wondering because I have a B&G boy and I've been wanting to buy him jointed hands for a while now, and I just to check to make sure the hands wouldn't stand out too much or at all.
      Thanks for the replies:)
    18. It's interesting how much speculation is out there about the Soom hands~! They fit - they really fit - and wrist size matters not and proportion is going to be good from 60cm and up. I have them on my Soom Sard and they are perfect. I've got them on the Dollstown body and they are delightful. I've put them on the Bermann and the Dollshe bodies and they are permanently fantastic!

      Some folks are reporting, though, that they aren't happy with the proportions on the Delf boys.

      Soom jointed hands come with their own ball joint - unfortunately for many of us that joint is not staying glued and if it comes unglued the hand part falls off - be careful! - becuase the string invariably lets go!

      There is a thread in the Request subforum -


      And if you search for my Gallery threads - all my boys are now wearing the Soom hands!

      These hands are so worth the money!
    19. I've finaly made up my mind out of which I wanted (BBB Apollo or DZ Fei) And I'm getting the Apollo. He's more mature looking then the Fei, he's larger, and just seems to be more of what I'm looking for.
      Now then! Onto my question. I've seen on SOOM (I think) That they now have POSABLE HANDS! A dream come true for me @_@ Does anyone know if they would work for a BBB Apollo? How do you know what size to look for?
      And thank you all for your help on my previous posts, especially those whom posted pictures of your own Feis and Apollos! You were all of great help to this first-time owner!
    20. They fit on Unidoll males. CW works nicely with the NS. You can see them on Rio in an open box thread. CoreDrill's. I have no doubt they work on SuperGem since they come with Spinel if you want them for him. My sister owns one. I haven't matched them (NS) to the Luts Super Senior Delf since his hands are quite perfect for him as is. In any case the resin is a tad bit orange to Luts pink. Might work but haven't tried it.