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Will Soom's Monthly Doll Fantasy legs fit other dolls?

Jun 2, 2009

    1. Hi, i had a question, ive seen this amazing doll named amber on soom, and shesa fauna, and i wanted a fauna doll but shes very exspensive *_* does anyone know if maybe just her legs would fit on a normal 60cm female body? plz tell me!!! >.<

      (if this is in the wrong section of the forums im sorry.)
    2. the soom doll amber's legs require the waist part aswell, according to soom i believe, but she was a limited edition and has not shipped out to her owners yet so no one knows how easy it will be to mod her legs to fit a standard doll. Either way it appears that it will be hard to attach her legs to a different body other than just buying her as a set. If you would like to try you will have to wait until july when she starts shipping out and try to pick up a pair of her hooves on the market since splits are no longer open.
    3. yes i know, one of the most retarted questions ever. but i wanted to know. XP
      do you need the waist/tail part for the legs to fit? i'd figure you do but i wanted to make sure. cuz ive seen splits for her and i wanted a fauna dol and wanted to know before i orderd if i needed that part for the legs to work.

      i ask way to meany stupid questions...:doh
    4. i think everyone a little confused about this and we wont know for sure till she gets her because

      soom said her fauna legs will not fit into other waist/tail peices... but then if that was true wouldnt she need/come with a separate waist piece for her human legs?? so untill she gets here i dont think you can be sure

      my advice would be to get the waist part just incase... you need it anyways dont you?
    5. thank you ^-^ well knowing that i feel a little less stupid XD well idk, i wasnt really planning on getting it, cuz i thought it just ment it had the magnet for the tail and stuff. i didnt want to pay extra for something i didnt want/need. (seen her in sevral mp posts and i was highly interested in her, so yeah.)

      thanks for the help :3
    6. She does. Amber comes with a complete human body PLUS the set of fauna parts: horns, arms, hands, waist, tail, legs, hooves. Since Soom has said that the legs need the special waist part I'd imagine that you do need it (can't see what they'd gain by lying about it)... however it's entirely possible that once she arrives people will work out that the legs fit some other company's torso or the normal one can be modified easily to take them, etc.

      You won't be able to buy Amber parts on DoA until after they've shipped anyway, so by the time you can buy the legs I'm sure someone will have posted about it. :)
    7. Having tried exactly this (putting amber legs on 60cm girl) I can tell you that it doesn't work. You need the waist part and for that to actually work you need a SuperGem body.
    8. They may fit without using the waist piece if you put them on the feeple body (which is 68cm), they do fit on the male feeple body, but the female is a little bit smaller so I'm not sure. With some modification they might fit from the knees down on some dolls too, but given that the Amber fauna legs are quite beefy, they are better suited to bigger/fuller bodies.