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Will you choose Chinese BJD company?

Jun 23, 2010

    1. Hey, there:)
      How many of you will take dolls from Chinese BJD company?
      Which Chinese BJD company you love most?
      When you decide to take a doll, what's the point you care most?
    2. well .. I don`t have any BJD yet , but I think dollzone is a good company .
      And I think I`ll buy my first BJD from a chinese company calles ( RESINSOUL ) .
    3. How many of you will take dolls from Chinese BJD company?
      I have several dolls from different chinese companies. (Dollzone, Boy&Girl, and a spiritdoll on the way)

      Which Chinese BJD company you love most?
      Can't really tell right now, but I think the Spiritdoll will beat the other two, based on the pictures I've seen so far ;)

      When you decide to take a doll, what's the point you care most?
      I just look whether I like the face and the body. There is no need in buying an expensive (or cheaper) doll when you don't like that. If you don't like a doll you buy, it's practically wasted money.
    4. Ringdoll is chinese isn't it? I own a Ringdoll dylan... but whether a company is chinese, korean, japanese ect... is irrelevant.
      I allso own Russian company resin dolls and a french company doll but they are off topic on this forum.

      I choose a doll for it's beauty and poseability...

      each doll I want something different from, maybe I want something slender, maybe something buff, maybe a certian nose shape...

      I buy what appeals to me most, the price and the location of the comapny providing it are minor factors or entirely irrelevant.
    5. My first boy is from DollZone, and the next boy I want is DollZone again.

    6. My very first doll was from a Chinese company, Resinsoul, and I absolutely love her :) I don't think it matters much which country a company is from really. I got my Resinsoul Mei because I fell in love with her beautiful face and detailed body, I didn't stop to think which country she would come from.
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    7. My first, and currently only doll is from Dollzone and I love him ^ ^ I really liked them because not only were they one of the cheapest companies at the time, they made beautiful dolls. People are always raving about the quality of their resin and how great it is that they sand their seams, I think its just a great company that sells dolls at an amazing price.
    8. Wooow, that's nice^^
      Well, in China, it seems Dollzone and Angellstudio are the hotest BJD company^^
      Does anyone owns doll from angell-studio?
      I love their Huaxi, but I kinda not sure whether I should take him as my first doll, since I love puki and Asa too >_<
    9. I love my Chinese dolls. <3 My first doll was from Boy&Girl, and he's still beautiful and my favorite. I have a lovely DollZone boy too. DollZone makes wonderful faces.
      My favorite Chinese company is Impldoll. I have three Impl dolls and they pose better than any of the others. Their resin is also very nice, with no seams.
    10. Hi Blue, I think it's great that you have national pride in the dolls your country makes.

      I used to not like any chinese dolls persosnally, but recently with in the last year or so there have been some great new companies and artists from china appearing and now I have own some!

      Here is my OR doll Deep painted by Phyillia on here. He dosen't ahve a body yet. I am a huge fan of the artist who makes him, she is very talented.

      I also have Ringdoll Don but he is away for a faceup right now.

      I'm saving up right now for a NyX doll (another chinese artist) fanyin. I Hope I can get him before he sells out. One day I think I would like a Dragondoll Emporer Huang he has such a handsome face <3
    11. I don't have any BJD from a chinese company so far... but I really like Angel Studio's designs!!!
      Huaxi is definitely one of the best from them!!! <3
      Lucifer is also an attractive one!!! :D
      I love all the clothes they have! but it's a pity my current BJD would not fit in them >_<

      I think where the doll comes from shouldn't make any difference to the love for the doll...
      people are just out of their minds if they don't like it because, for example, it's from China...
      lots of stuffs nowadays are from China anyway... lol
    12. I have several dolls from Chinese BJD companies, and I love them very much!

      I have a B&G Doll girl, a DollZone Mini, and an Angell-Studio Mini!

      I would probably have to say that my favorite company of those I have experienced is Angell Studio. They release an extremely high-quality product, and they see to really care about their customers. I got several emails from the AS representative while I was waiting for Mandarava - and even after. She even asked me for pictures when she arrived! I didn't have bad experiences with the other two companies, but AS just went above and beyond. I will definitely buy from them again!
    13. My first BJD (other than obitsus) is a Dollzone mo-2 :D My second is a resinsoul Song :D
    14. I'm thinking about buying a Kizdoll guy at present, and Spiritdoll are definitely one of my favourites. I look for a good sculpt and theirs is one of the best. I'm also hoping to get a Camphor next.
    15. Woow!! He's stunning!! I love him now^^
      Yeah, right now, more and more Chinese artists show their talent and gain the respect by other countries artists^^
    16. My first thought, after seeing title was "And why not?" :))

      My first is from China - AoD and I think, it's a pretty good quality, I'm really happy with her ^^ I also like RS and AS sculps. I like most AoD atm. And the most important for me is to love the doll I choose :)
    17. -How many of you will take dolls from Chinese BJD company?
      I believe most of my dolls are from Chinese companies now, I actually prefer them. I have dolls from Bobobie, ResinSoul, Angel of Dream, DBDoll and B&G, all chinese.

      -Which Chinese BJD company you love most?
      Angel of Dream, my favourite doll company overall too

      -When you decide to take a doll, what's the point you care most?
      Eyes, shape of the face (I prefer sharper features on the face, is why I like Angel of Dream's sculpts, they are exactly that) and general posing of the body (Angel of Dream and DBDoll are brilliant on that point)
    18. my first was Japaneses- but i will be buying from Angel of Dream very soon ;3
      whats funny is the one I have in mind for third is Korean.
      ~is diverse~
    19. How many of you will take dolls from Chinese BJD company?
      I will. :) I've keeping my eyes on RingDoll's Pan & Heise's AoZhetian~ :)
      If I'm right, RingDoll is a Chinese BJD Company and one of their sculptor is a Chinese Artist named Huang Shan, whom my idol. :D

      Which Chinese BJD company you love most?
      So far, RingDoll, Heise & Angell Studio.

      When you decide to take a doll, what's the point you care most?
      When I like their sculpt, when I say "This is the one" and never get bored for watching the company's photos every day. The main point is the sculpt. If I love the sculpt, and it's not a recast and made from a high quality resin, I will save as much as I can to bring him/her home~ ^^
    20. Lol...I agree totally!........my 2 dolls are DZ SDs, Chen and Linlan and I have a resinsoul Song on the way soon.....I'm certainly not a doll snob, I would buy any doll from wherever if I liked it.