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will you fall in love with doll who looks like a superstar???

Jun 28, 2010

    1. i just happen to see some dolls really looks like some super star,
      or some company would even produce superstar doll according to the reall star??
      would you take them home if the doll looks like a superstar??
      i think,usually,the star dolls are very expensive,and often limited,
      so if you see some superstar dolls,
      will you buy them??
    2. Nope. I have very little admiration for "superstars". I usually have next to no idea who is considered by the Media to be a "superstar" from one year to another. It's usually just a case of whoever is being well promoted at the time, and is perceived to be sexually attractive. Rarely is it based on some kind of contribution to the good of humanity, the arts or the sciences.
      "Superstars" hardly enter my life except as names other people speak from time to time- I can't see myself wanting a doll of one.
    3. Hmmm...If some doll company released an Evgeni Plushenko doll that was well made, attractive, and at a price I could afford, then hell yeah! But I doubt it. I'm not sure if Plushy is considered a "superstar", but I'm a huge fan of him. Otherwise, no, I don't picture myself buying a celebrity doll and I certainly wouldn't love it romantically, Plushy doll or not.
    4. No.

      I don't mean any disrespect... it's just that I have no interest in owning a celebrity doll. I'm in this hobby for certain reasons, and buying dolls that are modeled after "superstars" is not one of them. I have seen some neat things done with Minimees, and I enjoy admiring them in the galleries, etc. but I wouldn't purchase one for my own collection.
    5. People do get casts of famous people heads, from the DIM company. They're called Minimees--you can also order fictional characters or a head you design yourself. They can be really beautiful--there's a Johnny Depp-as-Mad-Hatter doll on DoA that's particularly nice.
      That said, I personally have never wanted to own a doll of a famous person. I like to design my own characters, so a celebrity doll completely defeats that purpose. I've seen really beautiful recreations of movie characters, and I love seeing them on the forum, but I don't feel the desire to make my own. The only Minimee orders I've been drawn to are the Corpse Bride head and Dren from the movie Splice. The Corpse Bride is a cartoon, and Dren is a monster, sort of (she's played by an actress with major CGI enhancements). So they're not just straight actor Minimees.
    6. No, I would not. I think the trend of copying the faces of celebrities is creepy and inappropriate. It is pretty clear that some companies have modeled dolls on the facial features of particular celebrities without acknowledging it - and I own one of those dolls (a Soom Deneb) - but openly banking on the starpower of a particular individual without the approval of that individual is unscrupulous and lacking in imagination as far as I'm concerned.
    7. Souldoll has a line with their popular Korean celebrities like Minwoo. At this point, I'm not interested in collecting BJDs of superstars. I would feel awkward owning one though.
    8. Doesn't Doll In Mind only do very limited runs (limited to 10?) of each Minimee celebrity sculpt to avoid being sued by that famous person or persons who legally make money off of their image? An unlimited, unlicensed sculpt of a famous person could lead to legal problems and I don't think that would be easily accepted by the fans of that person. If I recall correctly, Souldoll's celebrity sculpts were legally licensed products so there was no issue with making or selling them.

      I personally have only recently considered the idea of having a Minimee made. I would not want to use that sculpt as the doll form of that real famous person, I just really like her face.
    9. I'm not interested in celebrity dolls. I don't follow that kind of thing, so I wouldn't even know who the celebrity is most of the time. If I didn't notice them in real form, I'm not sure I'd be swayed to see the doll form.
    10. Given a limited budget, I don't think I'd spend my doll money on a BJD made to look like a celebrity.
    11. nope, dolls of real people scare me.
      Plus, all of my dolls/future dolls are based upon my own charries.
      Also, real people dolls are shakey, people change- suppose for example you got a Tiger Woods, Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson doll before they went and did what they did to later have their certain thing happen.
      wouldn't exactly look at said doll the same way anymore could you? Plus, you'd be hard to pressed to sell it.
    12. I have no interest in dolls that look like real celebrities...I like to use my imagination for the characters I make, and I want them to look the way I imagine them, and not the way an actor/actress/singer etc. looks (even if they are based on a TV show).

      While I admire the skills of certain celebrities, I'm not really into squeeing over real people...I'm more of a fan of certain characters, and not of the person behind them...
    13. I've sculpted a few based on the public image that some stars have put out but I don't feel they're an exact copy of said person, like writing fan fiction about a character and not a real person. My personal feelings are against real person fan fiction. I have Beatles, Bee Gees, The Who, and Led Zeppelin but they spend most of their time as floating heads. I still have NKOTB dolls so having dolls of bands to play with has been with me for awhile. Some of my other dolls, like Jareth or Lucifer, do mean impersonations but that's not their daily life.

      In my dollhouse with the dolls I play with frequently are a couple of dolls heavily based on celebrities but they have different names. Rian is based heavily on Brian Henson, whom we met, he plays with puppets and has a free spirit but he's not a mini Brian. I have a Spider-Man with a Tobey Maguire head, a Phantom of the Paradise, House MD, and some Doctor Who dolls but I don't confuse them with the real person. The closest I may have got is with Little Walken who's a bit like a mini Christopher Walken impersonator but the one you see on Saturday Night Live that sings, dances, and does silly things. I let the doll go his own way.

      Wanting a doll of a celebrity in it's self isn't a bad thing, enough of them sell them.
    14. No as it takes a top notch artist to get a even a Minimee head to look like the actor or actress. So even if I could get my Dream Minimee it would take a great artist to make it look just like him. Plus I love my dolls but as dolls not as people.
    15. ooh,i think,yes,when a company release "superstar" doll,there gonna be a problem of the copyright,some korea compay did this,and thoese superstar dolls sells quickly,bjds companies of other countries i know much about if they had release a"superstar"bjd before,seems the superstar dolls would sell quickly if they are in Asian,but i see here,most guys care much more about the dolls~hehe,not the superstar~:3
    16. No. There are some remarkable Minimee versions of celebrities on the forum and although they are interesting to see, I have no desire to have one. I have bought several Minimee heads of celebrities whose faces I like, but have sold all but one because they looked odd with my other dolls. Somehow, dolls of real people look strange to me. They seem more like death masks of them because the features look a bit frozen and inanimate. The only Minimee head I still have is rather obscure to most collectors and I doubt if anyone would buy it, so I'm keeping it for an art project.
    17. There aren't any "superstars" that I'm really interested in...also, there's a chance I might not recognize who the doll is supossed to represent--I'm really bad at that sort of thing. So...I have to answer no.
    18. I agree with linakauno, Minimee heads are interesting and a bit macabre to me. I wouldn't own one myself.
    19. I have two minimees, though I think of them as the characters the actors play rather then the real people since it's the characters I fell in love with. Mostly I have dolls to embody my own characters, but there are a few characters from my favorite shows that I really like to have dolls of. Even though getting a minimee head helps remove the necessity for heavy duty modification for a character doll, it still can take a lot of work to put one together, but it's a lot of fun. I don't have the desire to own lots of fan dolls, but for my fave characters they're neat projects to work on.

      The minimee service that DIM offers really is a commission service for doll heads -- not just celebraties, but also original characters, family members etc. If you're ordering as an individual it is expensive, but because they'll create up to 10 of a sculpt, it's possible to get people together to do a group order which significantly lowers the price to that of a typical SD head (that's how I got my two). They do have limits on how many they'll do of the celebs -- they'll only take two group orders (one open eye and one sleeping or dreamy eye) of a particular celeb per year.
    20. I suppose I'm going to break the 'no' combo in this thread ^^

      I've ordered a Tim Robbins Minimee doll (he's going to get here by the end of the week, and I am VERY excited) and plan to turn him into an OC from the Bioshock world. I'm attracted to his facial features, and I believe he will work well in the doll family I've started to create, since I've recently been drawn to more realistic facial sculpts. He worked for my character that I needed.

      I agree whole-heartedly with Taco on her(his? Sorry if I got this wrong ^^;) point of wanting a character that the actor portrays, and perhaps not the person themselves? Though, I must admit, Tim Robbins is a man I find as a bit of a role model, considering his activity in politics and such (which I won't go into here, don't want to start a flame war or anything).

      So, I suppose, I do not object at all to getting a 'celebrity' doll, whether it be for the actual person it is portraying, or the characters they act as.

      I apologize for rambling...