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Will you give up to buy a doll because of others' bad compliments?

Sep 3, 2010

    1. I am not sure whether this is discussed before. If there was, sorry for the re-post.

      I am just curious. If you fall in love with one special doll and definitely want to adopt her home, but there are some people say the doll is strange or horrible. Will you give up ?
    2. I would never give up on a doll I loved just because they wernt to everyones taste, I believe that even though this hobby is really fun to share the main part is having dolls because you love them.

      However I have been turned off of dolls because of a companies bad reputation, but even then I just settle to get them on the second hand market, I couldnt hold it against the doll themselves :)
    3. Never. Ever. Ever. Ive said a lot of times on this forum if you cant handle the bad comments than you shouldnt have joined the hobby.

      \(^0^)/ As long as i like the doll im fine~ I will be courteous of others though. If they have a good reason. Or an actual reasonable reason at all.
    4. No, I wouldn’t give up a sculpt because of other’s opinions. I actually prefer sculpts that not
      many people like. However, I think that for me it’s mainly that I am a big old weirdo to begin with,
      I like things that not many people basically think of as “appealing” or “pretty,’ I find comfort in knowing that!
      I don’t buy things because of what other people will think, I buy them because I like them or want them.

      If it’s just a matter of aesthetics then it’s only an issue of personal preference. If a sculpt that I like gets
      many bad comments because of quality issues, then I would probably do research on it, to make sure that
      the “quality” issues with the sculpt are not just biased opinions – because we all have them.

      If you like something there is no reason why you can’t buy it, only because other people don’t like it. ^.~

      - Enzyme
    5. If I were buying a doll for the friend who had expressed her opinion, certainly, that would influence what I would buy for her. However, if I'm spending my own money to buy something for my own pleasure, then why in the world should it matter that someone else thinks the doll is ugly?
    6. Well it depends, of course. If they don't like the sculpt? No, it's not a big deal. If the doll turns horridly yellow or comes with weird joints? Yes, I'm going to change my mind.
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    7. Oh, thank you so much for your ideas.
      I agree with you. I begin this topic is because one of my friends gave up. I feel so unhappy for what she do and I am really upset on her behavior now. So I want to know what will you do when you face the same kind situation.

      Thank you all.
    8. Naw, I don't care if people say 'But I thought that was a girl!' because I know that's a normal reaction. But when people start saying I'm making bad choices when buying a doll, because I 'could be putting that money in a collage savings account' well, that makes me kinda mad. I, NOT YOU want this doll. they have no right to criticise what I do with my money. It just makes me want the doll more. I've been saving up for him for a loong time, and I don't think anyones comments will change my mind now.
      Haters gon' hate.
    9. My brother finds my LoongSoul doll Emily scary - I think it's her teeth. However I still think she's beautiful and wouldn't give her up just because of that. There's always SOMEONE I know who wont care for a doll I like but... they're my dolls for my enjoyment so they don't get a say. I'll listen to their opinion because maybe they notice something that I didn't initially, but it's my decision at the end of it.
    10. I have a few dolls that many people have said are ugly. Quite a few more, people have said are ugly as the gender I have them as. I can't imagine giving them up just because other people don't like them, after all, I bought them because I do like them.
    11. I'm actually probably more likely to avoid a particular sculpt because of too many people having them or liking them. I guess I'm weird but I just like to have unique things =/
    12. No way! My friends and I often have different tastes, and we buy wildly different dolls that we can just tell that the other doesn't like... But we're grown-ups, so we know not to say insensitive things to each other about our doll choices. "Strange and horrible" isn't necessary when what you really mean is "not my flavor". We also know enough not to take it personally. Say my friend's collection is heavy on the Volks Yo-SDs and lolita girls, has lots of frills and Edwardian clothes-- I certainly don't expect her to react the same way I do to those delicious brawny veiny brown Iplehouse musclemen. :lol: Instead, our reactions to news of a doll choice is "Ohh, definitely, s/he is totally you."
    13. I would only have a chance of giving up a doll if I was told about it being extremely delicate, very hard to handle or funky joints or something like that, but NEVER EVER if it was just because someone didn't think it was 'pretty'. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    14. Nope, not at all. I buy the dolls that I like, not what other people like -- my money, my doll, I'm the one that is going to be living with him/her, so my opinion is the only one that counts.
    15. Only if the bad comments are based on quality issues.
      Over the years I've had people express dislike for dolls I owned/wanted either online, while I'm in the same room or directly too my face.
      I doesn't really bother me because most of the time the person isn't saying it for the purpose of just being mean but are just saying what is on their mind (I'm sure I've done the same thing) and I can usually respect their point of view. It doesn't make me like my dolls any less.
    16. Nahhh, I bought em because they spoke to me.

      Also if my friends had an opinion, I might take that into consideration, however, most of the people on this forum are complete strangers. People I meet on the street, even more so. We don't have much in common, so why would we like the same type of dolls? We don't like the same clothes, music, food etc. This is just another aspect that is different.
    17. Of course not, if its to our liking why should we? For me I don't mind what others think of it because in the end its going to be me loving the doll not them. And I'm certainly not going to go for something which isn't my sort of taste either. :\
    18. Nope. I like the doll, it's my money, why shouldnt I buy that doll?
    19. Because of other people's opinion, no. For me to give up on something I must have a very good reason (for example: bad quality bodies, bad equilibrium...). That, or actually seeing the doll first hand.

      It has happened to me that I've fallen in love with a certain scultp, and after seeing it in person, decided against buying it. Or the contrary...
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    20. Nevah! I'm very stubborn in the 'I want only to be myself' way, and that goes for things I like, wear, listen to, etc. I figure, I'm doing this for myself, and it's something I like, so why should I bend to accomodate what other people like about it when they're not even going to be the ones owning it? Or paying money for it, putting time into it, etc? ^^