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Will you mind?... If your doll have different color.

Oct 22, 2010

    1. Like my topic said

      Example: If you determine to hybrid doll.Then you buy head from company A. and buy body from company B. Fist you thought resin gonna match well, but real it's not well like your thought. Maybe body will yellow more than head. So I want to know what you will do next.
      You will keep your doll and enjoy him or her or you will sell them.

      This is not happen to me yet. But I just think if this situlation happen.
      What you guy gonna do?
    2. Blush to match. ;)
    3. This. :) If the resin colours are pretty close, this is what I'd do. If the resin colours were really different, I'd probably sell the body and try to get something else.
    4. Depends on the degree of mismatch, how it looks on person vs. how it shows up in photos and on which doll it is. Sometimes blushing to match works for me and sometimes not.

      On some dolls a slight mismatch is the very best I can do, like when it's a head from a company that doesn't make bodies and no body that it fits is a perfect color. If it's only a shade or two away though I'm perfectly happy. Blushing can help.

      If I'm set on a specific head being on a specific body type then I will do my best to make it work. I still try to get as close a match as possible. If there are other similar bodies that have a closer color, I'll sell what I have and go for the better match. On one of my dolls where I just could not get the match right even with blushing, I sold the whole doll and started on my idea over again.
    5. This happened to me once with a head I had from a company/person who didn't make bodies. The body I thought would work ended up being a darker tone and yellow than the head. I sold the body immediately and bought the more expensive body that the heads tone was made to match. I like a perfect match. I'm kind of a perfectionist. :sweat
    6. If the mismatch of the color is not very obvious, I think I'll be able to accept it. Otherwise, I'll probably send the body for blushing. Worse come to worse, I'll get another body for the head. My 2nd boy might be a hybrid and I'm kind of worried...
    7. Currently have a hybrid with three different resin colors due to the mismatched parts ;)
      The hands are very pink, the head is slightly pink/yellow, and the body is very white/yellow!
      I plan on correcting this via dye.
      (Although I/myself may not be the one to dye the doll personally.
      Got my eyes on Blue Dragon Dye shoppe)

      PS: Even if the parts never match up in color-
      I'll always love my spunky little elf <3
    8. well if the head is too white.. and the body is of a normal tan colour.. i will just blush it back to the tan colour.. but ifs its a blue head with a white body, i did try to save it with another body or another head =/
    9. Thank you for yours idea.
      I agree that blushing is a better way to help resin match well.
      But for me, I 'm not really like about blushing.
      I think about hybrid doll about 3 mouths long.But I not ready to buy cause I afraid about resin match : I'm looking to Peakswood head to hybrid.
      I try to find imformation in here and in person who have peakswood but no one know. Now I think I will give up my project.

      P.S sorry for my poor english
    10. I got lucky with my first hybrid, it's an almost perfect match. Second hybrid, not so much. Blushing the head helped, but I'm really considering getting another faceplate in the next resin tone darker, since I've read it matches the body I have much better.
    11. my Gaara has a AF NS head and a very old WS DZ body, because of his outfit you cant see anything but his hands which have yellowed a lot so for him it really dosent matter to me. my Toya has a newer body and a older head, sadly you can really tell, but she's mine and no matter what I love her to death! i guess it really depends on the person. for me I'm hopefully going to get a BBB body for my MNF head. I know the resin will not match, but I like the BBB body and his clothes will hide most of the mismatch. also like the others said if it really bugs you, Blushing is always a easy option!
    12. Congrat for your successful hybrid
    13. It would depend on the difference and aso on the doll.

      I have one doll right now that I do not care about the match *I would not take WS or Tan though* because he his always wearing something to hide it.
      Another one is almost always shirtless *or close to it* so he needs a really good match =O!

      I always try to get the best match when I can though ^^
    14. I can deal with some color difference. I'm more bothered by a head being much lighter than the body than vice versa for some reason, however, either way it isn't an issue -- I'll just blush the head to match if it's bothering me. I have a Ninodoll head on an Elfdoll body which is a complete and total mismatch, except his head has been blushed so he looks really good. That's why I always worry more about the body sculpt rather than color. Color differences are much much easier to fix than being less than thrilled with the actual sculpt.
    15. I'm pretty fussy about good resin matching and not really impressed with the durability of the kind of heavy blushing needed to mask a bad resin match, so I'm not willing to make a hybrid that I don't know will match very well -- the match has to be within the usual difference you see between a blushed/MSCed head and an unblushed, uncoated body or part or all of the doll is going to be sold off. I'm just not willing to fuss with it.

      Fortunately when I had a migidoll head the resin was very easy to match, so I had no problems.
    16. If it's only slightly off I don't care, but if one is pink and the other is yellow I'd probably sell the body and get another.
    17. I've been lucky so far too. I have one hybrid, a dikadoll and B&G and the match is near perfect. I do have a migidoll head that will be a hybrid, and seeing how different all my BW dolls are.. im a little nervous about finding a good match for him. I figure if its a bit off, ill blush the head, if its way off i might sell, or hold onto the body for another head down the line.
      You can always go the picture request forums too to ask for resin matches. its still hard to tell from photographs, but thats how i will make the decision on which body to buy for my migidoll head.
    18. I don't think it would matter much to me, as a lot of color mismatch can be hidden by clothes. :) Friends of mine have had dolls that had very yellow bodies but white heads, and you couldn't tell until their shirts or pants shifted.

      I'd prefer my matches to be as close as possible but it's not the end of the world if it's a bit off.
    19. I would probably sell the body and save up for new one. I don't ever plan on having a hybrid without tons of research so I guess I'm safe!
    20. I'm quite fussy, and although I can live with a slight difference, but I like the resin to match as mutch as possible. I'm more fussy about the proportions though. The good thing about having lots of flaoting heads I want to get bodies for means that if I buy a body, it's likely going to match one head at least./

      Putting togeather a sucessful hyrbid is really statifying ^^ I have an Iplehouse NS dreaming silvia head and an NS Lati Red boybody (both a couple of years old now, I think both compnies have chnaged their resin coulours since) and they fit colour wise and proportionaly like they were made for each other, you couldn't tell at ALL. I've always been so pleased with that!