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Will you sell your doll to me?

Jan 25, 2010

    1. I've been wondering for a while, so I had to break down and ask!

      As we all well know, BJDs are not something most people have heard about. Anyone that has taken their doll to a public place, such as a restaurant or mall, has had people stare at, comment on, or ask about the strange little thing you're carrying about.

      Some people want to know where they can acquire such a doll. Others take it a step further and would simply like to know if they can have yours.

      I've heard a few stories like this, and wonder how many people it's really happened to.
      I heard one man actually offered to trade is dog for a doll he saw while passing by a meet!

      So, has any one ever offered to buy your doll off of you, or asked if they could have it?
    2. Um... No, but if they do I'm pretty sure there will be some harsh words to follow.
    3. it wasn't happen in the doll party but it's really some ask me by PM to sell my doll to them ... I think just they really want that doll~
    4. Not to me, personally, but to someone I was with at a meetup. we were meeting in a mall and some of us decided to walk around after and as we passed this one kiosk, the woman working it wanted to see the dolls. We of course stopped and let her look at them,and then she just...demanded that one of the other girls give her her doll. And then when we told her how much they were she still wanted it. :/ Needless to say we quickly told her off and moved on.
      ...actually I think I do remember having someone ask to buy one of mine, and my response was pretty much Haha...no.:|
    5. Um, yes, my housekeeper asked about one of my dolls. She pointed out one (Luts Dark Elf Soo) and talked about how much she loved it. When I told her the price, she blanched, and hasn't mentioned it since.
    6. no actually, but at my very first meet at a mall, the group was walking to the food court and me and a friend had fallen behind and a random woman grabbed my arm said "show me dolls" and proceeded to take both my dolls out of my arms to look at them :o. And she wouldnt give them back until i told basically how much they were, WHAT they were, and where you could get them. I still cant get over that...
    7. Half-off topic, but since I'm in the same area as Kawaiicoyote I'm making mental note to not go to the mall with my dolls. D:


      To be more on-topic, since one of my friends talked about how when she flew from one end of Australia to another with one of her dolls and how many people asked her about her dolls, I'd resolved when I take my dolls out in public to possibly put together a few cards with info on how to get the dolls themselves. That way I don't have to scrawl info down on the back of hands or something the way I'd had to do in the past when describing the website I work for. :b
    8. No,never encountered that before

      Only had people asking me where to get it once and how much it was
    9. Well... at one point my sister put my boy in the Christmas Angels dress and wings and paraded around with him. Another person saw him and thought he was a holiday themed decoration and asked to buy him. :sweat She said jokingly "$400!" and they were like "How long will you keep her on hold?" And she was like. "I'm kidding! He's not for sale!"

    10. Hmm. I'm getn ready to take a flight with mine. This gives me an idea of what I need to have ready>.<. Lol. I hope I can handle it. ^.^.
    11. Actually, I've had several people ask me how much I sell my dolls for. Even when I tell them that I don't make them, but that I do paint them and sew for them, they then ask me how much would it be to make one just like mine for them. I usually just figure the cost of the doll, what I charge professionally for custom work on anything (doll-related or not) then add a $100 just for good measure, they look somewhat shocked and offer me fifty bucks. I very politely *ahem* decline the offer.

      It's my own fault, I suppose, since I constantly bring my pixie-like dolls to work with me in a shop that sells fairies and dragons and such.

      But still....seriously....? $50? I pay more in shipping!
    12. I'm still waiting for my dolls so I haven't experienced this.
      but I understand people getting all excited over the BJD's because that was my own reaction. When I first saw a photo of some BJD's, I thought: I MUST have one. NOW.

      You guys must have done a great job with the face-up's and clothes for people to offer to buy on the spot! So if that happens to me, I'd take it as a compliment.

      I don't think I'll sell my dolls though, at least not to a stranger off the street. But I'd point them to some dolls sites and of course DOA.
    13. Buy, okay the person is just being a bit odd thinking you would carry something like that around to hawk it to a passerby, but "asked if they can HAVE" it? As what, a souvenir to take back to their planet? :eek:

      What enters peoples' heads to possess them to say these things? :o That's a special new flavor of illogical social breach of conduct* I must say!

      (*In the cultures I'm aware of, anyway. Maybe there's a place where people regularly ask others to divest themselves of very valuable possessions out of their own sheer selfish impulse, but I haven't been there yet.)
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    14. I happened to be shopping at Daiso (where they sell everything for $2!) carrying my doll in my hands once and someone walked up to me asking if I got my doll from there! D:
    15. I had a random parent at an anime convention offer to buy my Luts Yder for like $50-$100. It might have been confusing since I was selling art and he was sitting on the table. I just politely told her he wasn't for sale. No point going into a huff when someone who knows nothing about bjds throws out some ridiculously low price. They don't know any better ^^'
    16. This is a funny coincidence ^_^ I have been asked via PM and when working at anime conventions about selling my dolls, but unless they are for sale, I would never sell one. But usually I just give information on how to obtain one and am more than willing to discuss BJDs with them.

      As for in a normal situation, a couple friends and I just went to a local coffee shop to chat, exchange doll gifts, and take photos after. A really sweet lady and her daughter came in and asked if we were making them and if they were for sale :sweat We explained that we were hobbyists and that while we enjoy doing face ups, making clothes, etc. that we didn't make the dolls and how to obtain them. Sweetly enough, she was so excited to go home and look them up. She seemed to have a really good idea of their price range, and even thought that they would cost more than most BJDs cost (she thought at least $5000--which unless it's a special/limited/artist/or specially modded doll is not as common). Anyway, I don't really get defensive over people who are interested in my dolls, instead I'd rather explain how they can obtain their own.

      I have been asked how to obtain them pretty much at every meet up and mini meet :sweat
    17. The only time I've really seen this happen (it has yet to happen to me because I don't take my girls in public much) is at a con. One girl walked up to my friend who was carrying her boy around and asked to hold him...then to take a picture with him...then flat out asked if she could have him because "she loves him soooooo much!". My friend kept her cool and told her the price and such but the girl still insisted that she should take it. After much debate, the girl finally gave him back (I was getting worried she'd make a run for it D:) but pretty much stalked us the rest of the con. My friend was scared to put him down anywhere, even for pictures :O
    18. Never been asked if they can have MY boys.... But I have been asked for information on them, for a website they can go look at, and about how much they are. XD I'm tempted to get some poster board or card paper and write the DOA site and a couple of doll sites on it and give them to people when they want information on where they're from, how they're made and where they can "Get one of those cute things!" XD
    19. Taking a doll out to a mall is fun, I always have cards for the shop I got my boys from incase people ask and could have sold a dozen MSDs by now. Haven't had anyone want to buy my dolls, yet, but they don't look like the pictures you see in magazines of these dolls look like either. Once I tell interested people what I have is a BJD I tell them this is what many really look like. For a price range I tell people they compare to iPods, that they can picture.
    20. Surely it's a compliment and should be taken as such? To most people outside doll collecting, $50 is a hell of a lot to pay for a doll, and offering that much means they are impressed. For people who do dolls (not just bjds but porcelain, fashion, reborn, collectible vinyl, whatever) bjd's cost doesn't always seem much - after all, there are porcelain, wooden and vinyl dolls out there in the thousands of dollars range - but for people who think of dolls as kid's things, an offer of $50 means big love for the doll.

      I wouldn't bother telling them how much - tell them the name of the company to google, and let them find out themselves.

      (People asking to just keep the doll are another matter - seriously, that's bizarre behaviour, but if you go to any kind of con, especially anime, it's likely that a lot of people there are on the autistic spectrum - geekery and asperger's syndrome often go together - and allowances have to be made. Maybe the girl who grabbed the doll and insisted she have it because she loves it had limited theory of mind or intellectual ability to process the situation properly, all she could do was see what she wanted, not how obnoxious and threatening she was being.)