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Update WIND DOLLS - French Retailer - OCEANMOON - New exclusive doll !

Mar 2, 2011

    1. [​IMG]


      Wind Dolls is proud to propose a new wonderful exclusive full set from OCEANMOON for sale at Wind Dolls.
      Do not miss the chance to get them !
      Only one set in stock is available in our shop!

      Oceanmoon's special 50cm size BJD,
      And even more special Oriental Dress made by Atelier Oceanmoon!
      We present this precious opportunity to you.

      Only 2 sets of this dress exist, and each is available for sale at Yahoo!Japan Auction and Wind Dolls.

      [ Composition ]
      Ha-nee 1 (Normal Skin: Head+Girl Body) / With Face-Up / Attached Eyelash (Lt.Brown) /
      Face Protection Cap / Acrylic Eye 18mm (Random Color) / Cotton Blanket / Box / Wig (Head Accessory Included) /
      A pair of Earrings / 1 Necklace / 4 pieces of clothes (White Top Innerwear, Top Dress, Organdi Outlayer Skirt, Jacquard Ribbon)

      ※You will receive a pair of acrylic eyes instead of the glass eyes shown in the image.
      ※Dim white line around the top dress embroidery is not defect; it is chalk line framing the embroidery (will disappear after wash).
      ※Curly hair is mixed into the wig, but it is not defect; it is a part of the wig's design that's supposed to enliven its style.
      ※Hair accessory is attached on the wig (we used a glue gun.) The shape can be touched by applying just a tiny bit of water on the red ribbon.

      The doll has the same body height as the DDS (Dolfie Dream Sister) of Volks, therefore may share same clothes.


      The prices are VAT included for European customers.
      For USA or non European customers, the prices will be without VAT and will be calculated in logging on and validating your order (when the system has your exact address). For more pieces of information, do not hesitate to contact us.