Winged dolls

Feb 2, 2020

    1. Let's talk about wings! How do you feel about dolls that have wings? What are your favorite kind of wings (webbed, feathered, mechanical etc)? Is there a particular sculpt you like that has wings? Do you prefer sculpts that have resin wings of their own, or non-winged sculpts and then making fabric wings to go on them? How do you go about dressing dolls with wings?
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    2. I’ve just ordered my first two dolls with wings: soom Metato with fairy wings and dream valley Bethel with feather wings. I’ve also got a Dollshe Arsene on order who’ll be modified with feather wings, to represent a character of mine, Gaizka.

      I love dolls with wings but strangely I don’t own any yet. I’ve not thought about how I’ll dress them. In my story, Gaizka can hide his wings but he doesn’t generally have a shirt on when they’re visible so that’s easy enough!
    3. I have my eye on the angel dolls from Doll Chateau (Nicola) which some of my tax return will go to, and the new boys from DollPamm are literally to precious for words. I like resin wings as they usually fit better with the doll they were built for. I haven't seen hand-made wings look any good yet.
    4. I have two dolls with wings, but the wings are magnetic from Camellia Dynasty and I'm yet to stick them on properly :sweat I wish more sculpts/companies had the option for bodies that take wings, especially black bird like ones! I have another OC I want to shell that needs wings and the ones I have for my current girls wouldn't work.I'm super picky about how they attach to the doll and how they look, so it's probably going to take longer to get wings than the doll itself...
    5. Ohh, I hadn't heard of Camellia Dynasty yet; their things are really cute! Same though; I love me a pair of wings but I get incredibly picky over them :v
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    6. I have a few sets of wings for dolls. Resin "feathers", actual feathers, and metal/plastic fairy and butterfly wings. I'd say resin are my least favorite. Unless you want tiny, non-poseable wings resin is too heavy and of course you have to worry about chipping if you blush/paint them.

      Here's a link to the posts and photos I remembered to tag wings showing off some of what I have.

      BJD Stories - Tag - wings
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    7. That tag has so many beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing ^^
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    8. Dollzone has three tinies with wings attached with ball joints, but all are being discontinued at the end of the month. I've never seen one in person, so I have no idea how well that works.

      I have three of Soom's Faery Legend dolls with wings. The wings are all solid resin with magnets that match the magnets set into notches on the dolls' backs. The smaller two sets of wings stay on pretty well. The dolls all come with resin plugs to fill the notches the wings fit into when the dolls aren't wearing the wings. For clothes that fit around the wings, sometimes just lowering the neckline in the back works. I don't have any pictures of my dolls from the back, but here's Ephemera, my Soom Noellia wearing her big fairy wings.
      [​IMG]Wearing Wings
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    9. I desperately love the dream valley winged girl body -- the one with the jointed feathered wings. One day! She's so pretty, but making clothes for her looks like it could be such a pain...
    10. I have the DC girl with bone wings (Zenobia), the dream valley girl with the almost fan-blade shaped wings, and the dollzone boy with demon wings (gene). I really like strung resin wings, because they stay on well, and they’re generally more poseable because you can rotate the ball joint.

      that said, for a big project of mine, I’m modding fabric Halloween wings to attach to a doll who’s already so extensively modded that carving holes in her back wouldn’t be a huge deal. I wanted something light and a little more flexible that o could kind of destroy on one side for her!
    11. Yes, she's super pretty! Wings sadly indeed limit clothing options a bit, but I've seen several solutions to that, like off-shoulder tops, or having clothes with holes in the back that let the wings through! ^^
    12. Magnetic wings can be a hit or miss, being that they fall off sometimes. I only have experience with Volks Yo-tenshi, but at least I can put clothes on the dolls then put the wings over it! The range of available wings for them ain't that great though...
    13. I am planning a fairy doll that will have butterfly wings made of fabic, probably anyway. The maker on Etsy who makes them uses a sort of harness to make them stay on the doll and make it easier to put on clothes. But I can see how wings do complicate clothes fitting.
      Before becoming interested in BJDS I never would have been interested in fantasy dolls with wings but now I think they just look amazing on a doll.

      I had planned on finding resin wings for my planned fairy but I had not throught about the non-poseablity so thanks for mentioning that.
    14. My DZ Pink Bear has magnetic resin wings-- they're really cute, but they're a bit heavy and flop over. I'm trying to figure out a good way to either get stronger magnets or make the magnet surfaces a little rougher so that they don't slip as much.
    15. I'm really attracted to the idea of a doll with wings, so much so that I've had to be really picky about which one I want to go in on! I'm really torn between the idea of articulated resin wings (like the DV winged body), versus the look of an actually feathered wing.

      I love the idea of attaching them with magnets! And I love that sculpt too. Maybe a combo of a stronger magnet + having a non-slippery cloth in between to kind of "grip" them in place?
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    16. Three or of my characters have wings - Lucifer, T'Gai Spock, Raphael, and maybe Wonder Woman (that golden armour outfit). T'Gai Spock is a were-icedragon, and I chose the Soom Monzo wings (still waiting to be recolored). For Raph, I have made a pair of real feather wings, which somehow look a bit ruffled.

      Regarding Lucifer, I may try to 3D-print his gigantic wings (he will be on a 75 cm body). I hope these will be light enough...we shall see. I these turn out funny or too heavy, I might try paper with Mod Podge. His wings need to be glowing white and overall superimpressive.

      Regarding Diana/Wonder Woman: I have absolutely no clue about these. I may also change her character. Still undecided. here.

      Generally, I really like wings. But IMO, a requirement for them is to be removable, because they need a lot of real estate (which I ran out of).
    17. I thought that the clothes would help, but it isn't quite enough. My next try is going to be putting some nail polish on the magnets to see if the texture grips a little bit better... if that doesn't work, I'll look for some stronger magnets. I have no idea where to look for magnets that small, though... I guess I'll have to go digging around the internet!