Winter Solstice related names...

Dec 22, 2016

    1. I am looking for names related to the Winter Solstice as my doll arrived on that day and wondered if anyone has ideas which could help.
      It is a fantasy type female sculpt, so would love to hear any ideas from fiction too.
      I originally had ideas and plans for this girl, but due to a nightmare scenario which unfolded while waiting, I am finding it pretty hard to bond with her and hoped that you guys might ignite my excitement again.
    2. Gwyneira, Eira, Bora, Eirwen, Isolde, Kirsi, Neva, and Lixue are are all names having to do with winter!
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    3. Aster, Ursa, and Demetria are also all good wintry choices!
    4. Yule, Mithra, Aurora, Frigga, Alcyone, Ash, Ivy, Soyala, Chiara, Noor, Dea, Holly. All of these are related to the Winter Solstice in one way or another. :)
    5. Here's selection for you:-
      Aspen, (poplar tree often found at ski resorts)
      Holly, (associated with wintery red berries)
      Lumi, (Finnish name meaning snow)
      Winnie, (regarded as an alternative name to winter)
      Yukio, (Japanese moniker for snow)
      Neve, (latin for snow)
      Wren, (the winter bird)
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    6. No offense, but Demeter is the Greek goddess of crops and growing things - more summer than winter. Though it would be a good name if you like irony. Demi can also mean part or partial, like a hero who is part god part/ human is a demigod.

      Khione is the Greek goddess of snow- so that name is very wintery

      Good luck with your naming!
    7. I've always been fond of the name Isolde.
    8. Demeter was the mother of Persephone, who got tricked by Hades which bound her to stay in the underworld for certain months every year. Because of Demeters grief caused by the absence of her daughter, these months are known as the unfruitful months, i.e. winter.
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    9. If you'd like something more obvious and literal:
      -Crystal (like ice crystals)