New Doll [Winterrain Studio] new 58 boy body is released!!+ discount event.

Jul 26, 2018

    1. [​IMG]



      This is Winterrain Studio!

      We are finally released new body!
      Thank you for waiting so long!!

      It's about 58cm hight, so it's good for Cheong,Yinho,U-yeong and U-hwa.

      To celebrate new body release,we allow a special discount of 100$ to 58 body!(the discounted price is 320$.)

      July pre-order start from 20th,July end on 31st,July.

      Winterrain Studio

      Thank you!

      +We are recruiting dealers. Please contact us!:3nodding:
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    2. Does he only have fist hands?
    3. Hello I have questions.

      1. Do you have pictures of each resin color?

      2. Are any heads in stock to order?
    4. @Chiandra This is the most recent post I could find on the site about their resin colors. It's from 2017, though, so I don't know if it's still relevant for this preorder.
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    5. Hello, do you have a picture of a full doll with faceup in mocha colour? also what heads are avariable for the 65cm body? Thank you!