Wire Hands or Magnet Hands?

Nov 24, 2017

    1. I like magnet hands! It's easy for me to change hands when I take pictures of them.
    2. Wire, I don't like magnet hands because the can be easily lost.
    3. I actually change clothes on my DZ Momo and Nono just as often as my PukiPuki, and I don't have a problem with the hands. In fact, I prefer changing clothes on Momo and Nono, because the hands don't fall off when pulling sleeves over them, so with my PukiPuki I always have to take her hands off and remember where I put them. (Which can be surprisingly hard to remember when you have a table full of little outfits...)
      I only take of hands when they're jointed (because I'm afraid of damaging them) or splayed with individual fingers that are easy to damage (and hard to get sleeves over).
    4. Magnet hands with strong magnets are cool but I would rather have the hands strung on hooks than magnet hands with weak magnets.
    5. I like the magnet hands from fairyland but with time they lose strength and any movement will drop the hands so I prefer wired hands that can be easily removed