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Wiring a Bobobie tiny??

Jul 1, 2008

    1. Has anyone tried this? I skimmed through the threads and I didn't see anything pertaining to this.

      I have a Bobobie Demona tiny and I have a awful time trying to stand her up. Her stringing doesn't seem overly loose, but she just won't hold a pose at all. I tried hot glue sueding and that failed, so I was going to try wiring her, but I'm not sure whether that would work or not.

      Is my little Tamzin doomed to sit for the rest of her resin life?
    2. sweetie its real easy with the Bobobie as they have such a good gap up the legs into the body
      all I do is push pipecleaners or wire up from the knee into the torso , leaving a length to go in the lower leg
      ...you dont even have to take them apart ..I will see if I can take a few pictures of it for you

    3. I've tried wiring my Minifee in the past and I think I got the wire too short, because it worked its way out of the limbs. I'd like to see pictures, if you get a chance! My girl may stand again! Then, if that works, I'll have to wire her little friend that's coming to stay with us (Bobobie Sunny...he should be here this week!)

      I love my big kids, but there's something about tinies...
    4. I think because you wire tinies with pipecleaners, the 'fur' on them help to grip and mine have not slid out at all, and really help with the posing and the kickiness
    5. I was going to take pictures ..but the light has gone terrible ..were in for a storm Im thinking
      but I will so some

      Moona and Coco/BonBon are great wired with pipecleaners too
      and its dead easy to do ..so will take some snaps tommorow

    6. No problem! I'm going to try the pipecleaner thing...I need to pop by Michaels this weekend, so I can get some small ones.
    7. The tutorial is great! I posted this on Flickr, but I wanted to put it here as well. The only thing I'd add to tinybear's tutorial is to try to find a color of pipe cleaner closest to the color of the doll's skin, because then when the joints bend and a bit of pipecleaner fuzz is visible, it won't detract much from the overall appearance of the doll.

      I also like to stick some up through the neck, for wobbly heads!
    8. Thanks, Tinybear!! I tried it tonight and it worked very well. The pipe cleaner I bought (6mm) was too thick for the arms, but that's okay. I was more concerned with her legs.

      The tutorial was awesome!

      I did the same thing and it worked like a charm!
    9. for busy pipecleaners ...trim them with scissoers
      I have been told now HobbyCraft (UK ) sell white cotton pipecleaners , which you can dye
      coffee , would make a great light tan