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Wishel dolls!

May 17, 2009

    1. Hey :D I have found a new tiny which I am curious about. Does anyone on here have a wishel?? They come in an egg and you tap them open (cute) But because its an unbeknown doll (mysterious :o) I wanna know what you Wishel owners got. Are they closed eyes or opened eyes? And how tall are they? WIshel doesnt mention this. Oh BTW if your new to them like me heres the link: http://www.wishel.com/services/esho...ype=Category&CatID=&II=W-04-NN-FU-001&lang=us ;]
    2. I can't help but wonder why the website is still there after all this time? It's really strange. But you must agree, it was one of the best "packaging" ideas ever! Someone had a great little animation of their opening of the egg, and others have pictures of the opening and it looks like so much fun :)
    3. I wish I'd had the chance to "hatch" mine but I'm delighted to have them at all! They are quite rare but there are two in the marketplace at the moment^^ Mine are both open eyed but very different in face. One has a demon body which is genderless and with little bat wings aswell as a headcap with little pointed horns. The other has a boy body and his head cap has a little rounded unicorn horn right above his forehead. The Unbeknownst Wishels were all randomly assembled and could have any number of different faces(all human except for one elf mold), either angel, demon, boy or girl bodies, head caps with horns(either two demon horns or just one unicorn horn) or a halo, many many different hands(which have to be seen to be appreciated!) and even different legs. They are 12cm tall and were only made in one skin tone which would be considered normal skin. These are truly amazing and unique little bjds. They are not known for their posability, in fact they can be quite kicky and can't hold a candle to a Puki or Brownie for posing.. but even so they are just so beautiful and will yank your heart strings just as hard as any other tiny if you let 'em;) They can get to be around $200 and up depending on the seller though I was able to get mine for around $300 for the two of them. If you want to know any more about them I can certainly help you out, I love these little things!:aheartbea
    4. Aww man... I cant use the marketplace on here :( I dont know why. But thanks for telling me about them being discontinued.
    5. please remember there is no sales discussion in regular threads - this thread is coming close to being locked, it's teetering on the edge..... Keep posting, and soon you'll have marketplace access and can watch for your doll. thanks for understanding!
    6. I highly recomend the giant Wishel thread linked earlier in this thread. There's alot of angst in it, but if you wade through it you can find out just about everything you could want to know about Wishels.
      When you get marketplace access, keep your eye out for them, because they do pop up, and they also turn up on ebay sometimes. I have managed to get all 7 of mine on the second hand market, and whil I never hatched any, I do have two of the eggs, and three of their cute yellow foam yolks.