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Wishel - New company with part selection option!

Sep 28, 2006

    1. http://wishel.com/index.php?lang=us

      You get to pick out the parts you want for your dolls!

      Sorry if this has already been posted!
    2. Also, it says they debut on October 2nd:

      I don't know if that means you can order them online at that time, though... anyone know?
    3. Ooh! I want to order, but I'm way curious. The Mystery Eggs, do they come with everything, including wig and eyes, or just the body parts?
    4. The head,body,limbs,hands,feet,eyes and wig are selected at random. The angel is hatching in an egg. Before its birth no one knows what it looks!

      guess there's no clothes...

      as for the 100 mnemorial ones i have no clue :P
    5. Apparently the payment system is down!!! :( And we can't order yet, but hopefully it will be up by tomorrow!
    6. Festivous Wishel is for sale now. Unbeknown Wishel will be up for sale later on, but when they are it will take 4 to 10 weeks for delivery.
    7. You can now order Wishels by e-mail, but only group orders with a min of 10. Check out the info in the Discussion Thread.

      (I'm also hosting a group order for the random ones X3)
    8. You can buy an unbeknown wishel from their website now. :) Shipping (at least to the US, anyway, I haven't tried other countries) is free!!
    9. They are having a problem with their ordering system. Shipping is $40 but you have to paypal a seperate address after you have ordered your wishel.

      There is more info in the general discussion thread.
    10. Actually, it's not. Their ordering system just isn't set up to show the proper price yet.

      It's $45 for the first Wishel and $15 for each additional.
    11. Aww, darn! Where does it say that though? I can't find it anywhere... :?
    12. Is anybody else having trouble with the PayPal link in their payment system? I was sent a message that the vendor couldn't accept PayPal. When I backtracked, my invoice order form showed as having been cancelled.
    13. ahh. I believe they are not able to accept Paypal at this time.