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Wishel, One year later. What went wrong?

Dec 15, 2007

    1. Well, it's been nearly a year since we all got our Wishels from the first two main orders, and now, they are no longer available from the company, and only occasionally in the Marketplace. What happened? To me, this was a BRILLIANT idea for a doll. The price was right, the suspense of not knowing what you would get was wonderful...

      I know after I received my initial two, I wished I could order five or six more of them! I longed for the Make Your Own Wishel in the differing skin tones as did many people, and wanted to make one in black, and who knows what other colors... It's sad that they came in with such a bang, and left with such a slow whimper. I can only hope that somehow, something like this comes along again, or they return.
    2. I don't think the makers have ever been able to hold a stable company.. for example, Mythdoll, now Wishel, and their new project Abio Angel. I don't think they had enough people to fulfill all the orders as they probably didn't anticipate such popularity with the Wishel dolls.
    3. I think the main problem has been that they had not enough employees to handle the huge influx of orders. I think they really weren't prepared for what happened and it fell apart really fast.

      I didn't get a Wishel (I *really* wanted to get a black one) and am sorry the Make Your Own Wishel never came to be. As said, a great idea for the surprise Wishels. Really a pity they aren't selling them now.

    4. I too think they were over run by Americans with credit cards. I know I was ready to order another several of them. We must remember that most of these doll companys seem to be cottage businesses, and aren't designed for mass production and exportation on a scale we are used to from the larger companies. It's sad the Wishel era opened and closed so quickly. I have one of the Abio Angel Sans. Again, I ordered him on the first round, and I adore him. I guess we can all just hope that somehow, Wishel comes back, or some one else out there does the same sort of thing again.
    5. I think it was lack of staff and bad website. If you notice puki pukis had the same popularity but fairyland seems to have better handle on limiting orders.

      Up to now wishel still lets you place an order on the site and they're not available. They needed a site with an inventory system
    6. Yeah, I've got a Fullset Puki Pipi on order, and I can't wait. These damn tinies are taking over my office.... I guess all we can do is cuddle the Wishels we have (4 total in the house) and cherish them for the rare little babies they are.
    7. Thanks for asking, cause I wondered the same thing. They has so many cute ideas, but with the lapse of production and now word from them I would be hesitant to order anything