Wishful Doll Thinking

Mar 4, 2019

    1. Dolls I want and love are so expensive and I really would love to own a Loong Soul male doll. I really love the tired serious look head sculpts, but at the same time they’re way out of my price range.

      Anyone else can relate?
    2. Haha, I can relate. I didn’t think I would be able to afford a ringdoll, but I spent so much time convinced that I couldn’t buy one (and thus not spending money) that I had saved up by thinking I’m too broke for it. If you really want that doll, you can definitely have it. You just need to be patient with yourself. <3
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    3. Absolutely. I remember watching the hobby on and off for several years before I could afford to participate, and now that I'm starting out, it can be hard to look at all the beautiful expensive dolls out there knowing I have limited funds (and a taste for limited dolls). Saving helps, of course, and so do layaways (when available) but sometimes it's just not in the cards and that can really stink. Right now I'm drooling over Artifex Kindred/Twigling dolls but just can't make it happen. But someday I'm sure it will!
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    4. I really, REALLY, want a Resinsoul Yu still, buuut I gotta have a character in mind first. It's just a tiny doll... One tiny lil doll...
    5. I tend to 'fall' for less expensive dolls. There are a lot of expensive ones I admire and love, but to look at (in others' owner pictures), not to own.
      In the past I've wanted a Soom Sabik, but now I kind of don't know what to do with him size-wise. He wouldn't fit in well with my other big boys.

      @Arashi Uchiha - I have a Yu coming, they're so adorable. I think the character will come as soon as you stare into those cute little eyes... { evil enabler mode off} :wiggle
    6. I started out with an Angel of Dream Chen, and coming up with the money for him seemed hopeless at one time, and I thought I'd never be able to even get him. Now, my situation has changed and most of my dolls are in the $300-500 range. Getting out of school and into a full time job as well as finally paying off some debt made a HUGE difference! Learning to be patient and save up even if it takes a year helped too, and motivated me to clean out my house regularly and sell things I don't use.

      But I still know how you feel! I've seen several dolls in the $700+ range that I really like, but I just can't justify spending that much on a doll. I love Doll Chateau girls, but I have no character for one and I already know that spending that much money, waiting that long, and not knowing who she'd be or how she'd fit in my crew would be disastrous for her. :pout: Maybe one day, I'll find that perfect character for her and motivate myself to start saving up!
    7. I have an Angel Of Dream MSD :D:love
    8. Aren't they awesome?? I've since decided I prefer SD and a different group of characters, but Amir (my Chen) is the one MSD I've never been able to let go. He'll be 12 years old this summer!
    9. My Endigo just turned 23 in October and he’s also my only MSD
    10. I mean.. I do have fae characters who would be very cute in chibi form... >w>
    11. Mewiefish Mini Bactro is so cool looking, but might be too out there to fit with my gang. The price is a bit intimidating too.
    12. Oh, Amir is 30 in character! The doll was made almost 12 years ago. :D
    13. I don’t know doll years, all I know is that I bought his body back in October and his head in 2017:sweat
    14. I only know his doll age because of his CoA and because I’m his first owner. :)