Withdoll 16cm Tinies Discussion - Part 2

Dec 20, 2016

    1. hey guys,did you see withdoll new dolls?
      I saw in withdoll facebook.
      I really love one of them..
      How can I add the picture here?

      woww,she's so cute!
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    2. @janicerickman - Lulu says thank you!

      I'm not on facebook. Are they a re-release or new sculpts?
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    3. Hi all. We just got home. This is happiness.
      Withdoll Coco:dance
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    4. @Goris she is so cute, congrats!!!
    5. More new tinies! What do people think of the Baby Leopards? I could really go for Lena--if I had any money, that is.
    6. I saw them!! They are so adorable!! I really like Lena too!
      But the cute paws, those are too much. I need those paws!
    7. They don't sell the paws separately, do they?
      I just had another look at the Baby Leopards and at my Fox Lucy. The paws are the same, except for the painting.
    8. @vermont chick nope, they do not sell them separately, sadly. But I think my spoiled Cookie (Donnie) would look gorgeous with them! I wish they do a mouse, with mouse parts, so I can die in peace xD
    9. I think a little mouse would be totally adorable. I would buy one.:)
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    10. The Baby Leopards are cute, wish they would sell those fur outfits separately! I still need to get a wig for my Wolf girl, she is all painted up, just need some more camera room.
    11. i Ordered a Amber with my boyfriend:D
      and bought a secondhand pistacio with the sheepie set :D
    12. My Butler arrived today! He's my first Withdoll tiny, and I have to say I'm impressed with the engineering. He's almost as good as my Pukifee!

      [​IMG]Withdoll Butler has arrived! by Twillowkins, on Flickr

      Can't wait to get him home and try some different eyes with him. I have a wig coming. He's going to be my cute, mischievous freckled redhead.
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    13. Oooo! Can't wait to see! Sounds adorable!
    14. Butler is a cutie, even without face-up or wig.
    15. Is anyone going to order Baby Leopards? I am totally in love with Lena.
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    16. I love the Coco sculpt! I just ordered a Doll Leaves Lili(my very first) but I originally had my eyes on a pukifee. Since looking around I've found others like the pukifee that I think I like more and Coco is definitely my favorite. Does anyone have Coco? I'm really curious if he's as adorable in real life as he is in the promo photos.
    17. I love Coco! I have three! Long story! I'll try to get pictures tomorrow.
    18. Omg three Cocos sounds like way too much adorable!
    19. Ugh i cant wait my boyfriend and i ordered a amber and i got a secondhand pistacio!

      She is so tiny omg xD i think it will be a little bit weird since the smallest i have is yosd :p