Withdoll 27cm Clothes?

Feb 15, 2021

    1. Hi just hoping someone knows if any clothing lines/sizes fit the withdoll JWD 27cm body? There is only a 16cm tiny withdoll thread so was unsure where this body fit. :::::::::: WITHDOLL ::::::::::

      I received the body last week, and sewing for MSD's already a bit fiddly for me! If anyone has this body and comparison pics to other popular size dolls/clothes would appreciate it.

    2. 27cm is very standard yosd or 1/6 scale. Most of my 1/6 are that size. Here they're labeled as tinies, which also covers 1/8 and smaller however. But your little one should fit general yosd and 1/6

      Volks uses the yosd terms and has some clothes in that size. If you go on Etsy you can search for yosd or 1/6 and find a bunch of clothing choices. Many dealers also have sections that offer that size, including AC here. Also the MP here has a section for tiny clothes, you just need to be sure that the clothes are 1/6 and not smaller scaled.
    3. Thanks @Cap'n - I was just a bit confused, being my first smaller-than-MSD (and likely only one I will ever get as he is my smallest character). At least in my mind I have it clear now there is tiny(1/6) and tiny(1/8) to differentiate - very helpful thank you :)