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Withdoll 60cm discussion

Apr 16, 2015

    1. Let's start a thread for the upcoming 60cm ladies!


      They've been in the works for a long time, but finally the release is close. There's not much info out on them yet, but according to Withdoll they'll wear 8-9" wigs and 14-16mm eyes.

      I'm loving what I see so far. The jointing looks like a combo of the mini boy and girl bodies: best of both, and her body shape is lovely. Can't wait to see more of the heads. Also hoping to see some great Withdoll quality option parts for these girls in the future.
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    2. Yaaaay! I've been waiting for this. I really hope there is a smiling girl sculpt, like Kiara, only SD size. I adore Kiara but haven't been collecting the MSD size lately. It would be a dream come true to get one like her in the right size.

      I'm loving how that body looks so far too. Looks like great poseability. Interesting knee design too!
    3. I've been tempted by several of their fantasy minis, but don't want any adult-sculpt minis since most of my girls are large sized. So, if they keep the same feel, I can see myself picking up some of their large girls.
    4. i am a little dissapointed the jointing isnt under the bust like the minis, but of course if they make any 1/3 LE fantasy/armored dolls ill be in trouble ><
    5. She looks pretty amazing to me! Can't wait to see more!
    6. Well, they're definitely sticking to the same feel, seeing that the first head has Priscilla's eyes and lips (I'm hoping nose too, but hard to tell from that angle). I talked to them about a large sized Priscilla last year and they said they'd been thinking about it too. (If they make her armours too, I'll die.) <3 The second head is a new sculpt that doesn't resemble any of their existing minis, though. I do love that they're starting with a downturned mouth and a smiling girl at the same time.

      I'm loving the torso joint more than anything in this body. Finally a girl who can slouch! Cx
      (I just received my new Souldoll Zenith body and that boob joint is just absolutely horrendous, never want to buy another one of those, for real.)
    7. I can only imagine the boys if they decide to make them.........60cm Aiden.....that would be sweet.
    8. I can't wait to see some of these with armor! I love their fantasy MSD's, but I already have too many in general. I could swing getting a couple of these larger ones though <3 <3
    9. I have been waiting for them to do a larger scale! I only one an Angela, but her body poses wonderfully! And she seems to have hardly any seams on her, and that's saying a lot considering she's the Rosy Brown color. I can't wait to see what they come up with. I think they are my second favorite company.
    10. I've always loved Withdoll but I only really collect 1/3 size so I'm so excited to see the full release of these girls!
    11. I wonder how soon is 'soon'? A couple weeks? Months? I need to start setting aside funds for it.

      I will absolutely be on board if they have an 'assassin' like theme for these girls. A dagger-wielding assassin girl... Yeeeeaah, I basically just want a big Kiara. <3
    12. Oh YAY! I have been eying the MSDs from Withdoll, but as I already have a bunch of SDs and an immature MSD, I did not want them to look weird next to my crew. This is going to be great!!

      I really like the body! I love the rib joint as it seems to me the best place for natural posing (I am not a fan of underbust joints for that reason).
      Sadly I had a girl on layaway that will take me most of the year to pay off, but I know once I do where my resin pennies are going to be going!

      And just when I thought I might be "done buying dolls"...
    13. Wow, a Withdoll SD girl. Looks promising, I wonder what sculpt will they have in SD size. I sure want one very soon :)
    14. This is great, I've been very tempted a bunch of times by their mini's, I love the aesthetic but that size just isn't for me. I'll be looking forward to seeing what they do. If they make sculpts as nice as what I've seen then resistance will be futile...
    15. Wow, I can't wait to see the release! Hopefully they make the boot feet/heels for this size too. <3
    16. I've been admiring Withdoll but realised after seeing how tiny they are compared to my SDs they wouldn't really suit the little sister look I was hoping for. 60cm might not fit that bill either but maybe she could be a big little sister!
    17. Oooh, I LOVE this body! I wonder how it will go for hybrids? <3 !
    18. Such a great looking body! I hope the prices are as good as they are for their smaller line.
    19. I really like the detail of the belly! It is super cute! She is thin and fit, but still soft at the same time.
      If the price is nice on these, I might consider them for the floating heads I have. I can always find someone to color match the heads to the bodies if the resin match does not work out.
    20. The body is beautiful and graceful. Love the knee joints and her stomach.