WITHDOLL Angela or Rachel?|Which head should I choose?

Mar 17, 2018

  1. Rachel

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  2. Angela

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    1. Hello! I want to buy a Withdoll head, but I honestly don't know which head I want. I can't decide! >.<
      I plan on deciding to buy a a head from dolkus. Which do you think is nice? Withdoll Rachel or Angela?

      You can look up photos to help decide. I honestly can't choose. I love all the photos and have some sort of ideas for the faceup.

      Okie dokie bye! xD
    2. I think both dolls are beautiful but Rachel's eye expression gives her sculpt an especially interesting look. I can totally understand not being able to decide between two gorgeous dolls though! I'm still debating on my own two favourites. Whatever you choose in the end though both are very pretty :D
    3. I like Angela! She seems more mysterious.
    4. I like Angela too, but it's only my mind, and not yours... You should choose with your heart ^_^
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    5. I felt indifferent to Angela at first--until I acquired one in partial trade. Now she is one of my favorite sculpts. Rachel is also very pretty. I think you'll be happy no matter which one you choose. Basically I agree with @Kalea-chan--choose with your heart!
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    6. I personally favor Angela’s eyes and expression but you should go with the one you are drawn to the most. As others have stated “go with your heart”. Good luck and I hope you will post your decision :).
    7. I have a Withdoll Angela and I think the biggest warning I'd live is that it seems her eyewells are a little fiddly.
      Rachel might be the same way, I'm not sure |D;
      I used to have a Withdoll Ruby and it felt like her eyewells weren't as annoying so I'm not sure if it's common, but I did notice that it can be hard to place in Angela's eyes, at least with 12mm makos. Other 12mm eyes might fit better, I don't know, but it seems she can take between 10-12mm and she takes a 6-7" wig; I had a little trial and error with her so I thought I'd pass that tidbit on.

      Overall either would be a lovely choice, though. If withdoll ever releases an elf version of Rachel I might be in a jam! xD