Withdoll: Is there really a difference between UV and non-UV resin?

Jun 7, 2017

    1. Oh gosh I hope I am putting this in the right place XD;
      Anyways, Withdoll offers "UV" resin and non-UV resin. They have both options for their gray skin. For anyone with these dolls, have you noticed a difference in the aging of their resin at all?
    2. I have a UV resin doll and I can't say he's any less yellow than my other dolls around his age. I guess it just slows the process in the long run.
    3. Yeah... I assume it might be but I am kind of surprised that it's $20 instead of the normal gray resin being $30?
      Though... I'm not really sure what gray resin would yellow into.
    4. @Epona I do have a Ringdoll Frankenstein 2011 version and he is definitely solidly grey in color. I think his previous owner kept him in a box, but still, his resin pigment would still break down slowly over 6 years- he still looks the color grey to me. I wouldn't worry too much about which you choose, especially if you're not keeping your doll in a sunny window.
    5. I remember reading somewhere that Withdoll have more troubles casting the normal gray resin compared to the uv one, so the price is a tad higher.
    6. Isn't the UV type visually different, as in, more translucent? While the non-UV is pretty much opaque?
      Not full blown french resin aesthetic, but it's still not completely opaque.

      Am on mobile right now, but Dimension Dolls (I think) did post comparisons.

      Regarding gray skin yellowing: if it's a cold gray it basically turns into a warm one. Lots of sun can “bleach“ it out.
      But with regular care the most you will probably see some “warming“, and that only after quite a while and with a newish piece for comparison.