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[withdoll] juwel_darkranger(rosy brown)

Mar 24, 2011

    1. [​IMG]

      Size Specifications

      Height 45 cm
      Weight 0.55 kg
      Head 18.5 cm around
      Neck 8 cm around
      Shoulder 10.5 cm
      Chest 19.5 cm around
      Waist 16.5 cm around
      Heap 18.5 cm around
      Leg 21.5 cm
      Feet 5.8 cm

      *ONLY 30 dolls in the world will be released as a Limited Rosy Brown JUWEL

    2. Will you ever release Juwel or Belun as basic editions?
    3. It will be released about early Apr and Juwel & Belun Basic will be following