New Doll [wITHDOLL] Lala, The Nomad Girl is released!

Apr 28, 2016

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      [Lala, The Nomad] is released!
      [Lala, The Nomad] is sold for a limited period of time only.
      This limited offer ends on May. 20.
      If the sales of the product exceed our estimates,
      This item could be sold out before the end of the sale period.


      01. We offer goggles and crystal ball for free. It will not be painted.
      Crystal ball is made of clear resin. Other parts are made of brown color resin.
      The goggles and crystal ball in pictures are painted.

      02. All product will be made with the highest quality sunscreen regardless of skin type.

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      Withdoll 60cm discussion
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    2. Dear Fan of Withdoll

      First of all, We deeply apologize for the carelessness.
      We didn't know that the term 'Gypsy' is used as a negative.
      Because the word is not used as a negative in Korea.
      Also our English is not so good. It was quite unintentional.
      And now, We have changed the wording from 'Gypsy' to 'Nomad'.
      Again, we apologize for our mistake.
      We really hope you will be able to understand.

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    3. The sale period of Lala, the nomad was extended until the end of May.
    4. We apologize for the mix-up.
      The sale of Lala, the nomad will ends June 1 at 12 P.M. 06/01/2016 (Korean time)
      Repuria Series, including Lala, will not be re-released.
      We hope to get a lot of support from you.