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WITHdoll Mini Discussion Part 8

Apr 8, 2016

    1. @fansea that is the question. I think you can either get a WD body, or a new head, the latter being cheaper. I have this skin tones comparison in case it helps. Take in mind that "white" is paper white.

      Withdoll Resin Comparison
      by Musume Desu, on Flickr

      ------ Added notes ------

      This is a thread to discuss WITHdoll Mini sized dolls.

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      Part 8: WITHdoll Mini Discussion Part 8


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    2. Well that is thoroughly disheartening to hear about Souldoll's inconsistencies. :( Thank you so much for the information, @Yenna! I'm glad that I found out before going through with my hybrid (I would've been purchasing the head first, too :eek:).

      That would be wonderful! I've been looking at the Impldoll bodies but I'm not sold on them yet. Seeing a Withdoll/Impl hybrid would help out a lot.

      Oh, okay! So the UV resins are an entirely different type of resin. That explains why the color looks slightly different from the non-UV versions in all of the comparison photos that I've seen. Thank you so much for the information!:3nodding:
      And you are most welcome! :hug:
    3. @SaelaVe yes that is how it works! I remember one event where Withdoll added extra UV cut to all their resins, and even the urethanes one had a (UV) on the name, but it was only for that event only.
      Happy to help! :D
    4. @Musume ah thank you so much for the comparison! I decided to stick with her current head. Tbh, it's mainly her faceup that makes the color match so terrible. I was looking at her head cap to body comparison and it's just a few shades darker than the body. They both share the same pink undertone so it's not that noticeable under most lights. I think lighter blushing on the face plus a bit of body blushing would make it perfect! So the hybrid still works! It's about a 80% match? Hopefully I'll get photos soon!
    5. @fansea Glad you find the comparison useful, but those are great news!!
      I can't wait to see the new faceup then, I saw your photo on Instagram and she was looking so stylish and awesome!
    6. @Musume thank you! She's my little fashion blogger/model~ I found the NL body to be the perfect model-esque body because it's so lean and long (amazing legs and toned tummy) I think it matches well with with doll's aesthetic
    7. @fansea indeed it is great! I have a Souldoll on my wishlist <3
      Hope you share more photos of your girl!!
    8. Hi everyone, I am not very familiar with WD, does anyone have a clue when the next event will be? (In which hopefully they'll offer tan/brown skin again)? Thanks! :)

      P.s. Reading all your comments on resin match was quite useful as I was also considering the pretty WD body for a hybrid... But that will wait for now!
    9. Possibly in the summer. They tend to have some kind of an event in june-july-august, but it's not a given.

      @Musume, I don't know. I cross referenced some images of sandy brown and I don't think it's a match to Real UV, but I can't confirm in person right now. The darker Souldoll tan hasn't been available in quite a while and the new one is so new that I haven't ever seen it in person, nor good comparison photos. So, I don't know about those.
    10. Oh goodness, we've already got a new thread and everything. :sweat I should find time to visit DoA more often....

      Here are some replies addressed to the previous thread. xD;;;;

      @NekoNyanMew You're very welcome! ^^ And thank you~ I tend to photograph in natural light 90% of the time, I've never really learned to work well with artificial light. :'3 In my current apartment I have really big windows, so it's pretty bright in here, especially during summer. It helps a lot with photography. <3

      @Musume Thank you for the kind words about Mi Cha! :D ... and now I can add to the conversation in this thread: I've got a Vito guy from Souldoll in Sandy Brown, so I can compare him to the Withdoll resin samples when I'm able to go visit Yenna. I remember that when we did a tan resin comparison earlier, Withdoll's Brown Tan UV was similar in shade and darkness to my Bambicrony Tan skin, but Souldoll's Sandy Brown is definitely lighter in comparison to Bambicrony. But I don't think that Souldoll's Sandy Brown will be a match to Withdoll's Real skin UV either, as Sandy Brown is a bit darker and more red in tone. But we'll take a comparison photo when we get together again, for sure. :)
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    11. I have a sandy brown girl and a Real UV, and they do not match at all. Sandy brown is a light, warm tan while R.UV is a fairly pale, more grey-ish tan. R.UV is a better match with Souldoll's Milk chocolate skin, but I don't think it's a perfect match either given withdoll's UV skin is a slight bit transparent. I can take my R.UV girl out of her packaging and do a resin match if there is anyone who'd like to see it on photo. :]
    12. @SaelaVe Sorry, a few days late, but here's the picture of the Withdoll Mai head on the Impldoll Young body:

      So, not much help in terms of resin match obviously, but that's how the proportions look - with the Mai head anyway, but bear in mind some of the older male heads are larger, apparently. The Young body is the larger of Impldoll's two MSD bodies, they also have the Child body, but it's very slim. Oh, and this is a colour match body to my Narae head, not their normal tan.

      It's a nice solid body too, stands like a rock!

      Anyway, hope that helps anyone thinking of a hybrid!
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    13. @toletta probably in summer! Another one in halloween for sure, and xmas. They do some surprise discounts, too.

      @Yenna thank you for the info :D

      @Mizya Thank you! That is great info to know!

      @sanachii thanks for the info, so there is no possibility of a match. I was really curious, though.

      @morganatron I think that such hybrid has nice proportions! But I was thinking the same as you: only the newer male heads would fit it, the older ones are bigger.
    14. @morganatron Thank you so much! Those proportions look really nice. That is definitely a body to consider for a hybrid.

      Is the Aiden sculpt one of the newer heads, or older? (I have no idea when it was introduced or where the dividing line lies between old and new.)
    15. @Mizya, that makes sense. My current apartment has the worst natural light ever, but we've got to move soon because our landlord wants to raise the rent by 26%. :vein I'm going to make sure to look for a new place with a lot of natural light for doll photography.
    16. @SaelaVe Aiden is newest! He should wear 6-7" wigs!

      @NekoNyanMew hope you find a nice new place with gorgeous natural light!!
    17. While I'm not a Withdoll owner yet, I just wanted to say I sent them an email asking if they had any plans to re-release Egon in human form (much like they did with Ash and their 1/3 Vera). Withdoll told me they would def' consider it. :dance So I shall continue stalking their releases like a madman. :lol:

      And a quick question----does anyone happen to own a DreamingDoll Little Elva and a Withdoll mini? Would love to see how they look next to each other.
    18. @Musume Oh perfect! Thank you! :D
    19. I had asked Withdoll about their next event for special resin colors--I was looking forward to getting the Brown Tan UV body for my floating head--but it sounds like it might not happen this summer like last year's event. At least in their reponse to my Q&A post:
      "Thank you for your interest in our doll.
      Sadly, we don't have any plan for the special skin yet.
      We are sorry that we cannot help you.
      Have a nice weekend.

      I'm hoping they change their minds but maybe I'll start looking for hybrid options too. At this point I'm not too worried about the tan shades being mismatched if he'll be wearing a jumpsuit that covers 90% of his body. :XD: I'm mostly hoping proportions will work especially around his neck and shoulder width.
    20. @NekoNyanMew It definitely helps to have an apartment with good lighting. I wish you luck in your search for a good place! :D

      @PeppermintPocky I had a Little Elva Airi briefly in 2012 and took some quick comparison photos of her with my Withdoll Angela:
      More photos: side view & from behind

      The measurements of the bodies are pretty much the same, but naturally there are some aesthetic differences. Angela is one of the smallest heads from Withdoll and her head looked really small next to Airi, because DreamingDolls have bigger faces. Now I've got a Cathy from Withdoll who has a slightly bigger head and face and I'm sure she'd look nicer next to Airi than Angela did. But yeah, I hope that this will be of help to you. :)
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