ReRelease [WITHDOLL] Re-releasing of Egon and Mileage Event

May 2, 2016

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      Dear Fan of Withdoll

      We are having a Mileage Event.
      We save 10% of your purchasing price into your account.
      (Only Head and Body)
      This Event ends on May. 20.
      Also, [Egon, The Elf Knight] is re-released!
      This limited offer ends on May. 20 too.
      Please give us your interest and support.

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    2. Above is says only Egon's head and body are part of the mileage event, but on the website it says I can add the clothes to my order. Is that a mistake? Or can I buy his clothes too?
    3. You can buy his clothes. But the mileage event does not apply to his clothes.
      We save 10% of your purchasing price of head and body.
      We hope these comments are helpful. :)
    4. Is the 10% off included in the price that shows up on that page, or is it added when you actually go to check out and make the purchase?
    5. From what I understand, you pay full price and WITHdoll leaves 10% of that in your account as a credit.
    6. You are correct. Thank you for the explanation. :)

      Sorry for our bad english. We hope you will understand.
      Also, the mileage point will be saved to your account after you recieve your package.
    7. hi can you use the credit towards purchase of the doll?
    8. You're welcome! :thumbup

      You only receive the credit after you've purchased the doll, so I highly doubt it.
    9. The sale of Egon, The Elf Knight ends this Saturday at 5 p.m. (Korea Time)
      And Mileage event was extended until the end of May.