wizworx ~ Liz Frost mini dolls

Sep 17, 2014

    1. Wow! She is beautiful! and posed and photographed perfectly!
    2. Thanks for your compliments on the photos. They were the best of many. Yes, Ruby is absolutely gorgeous, and the outfits that Liz makes are to die for. Liz's daughter makes those amazing head wreaths.
    3. I just got an SD Maskcat body for my Luna head. It is almost a perfect color match. I am thrilled. Here is a nude pic of her. The body poses really well and is very well made. I can't wait to try some clothes on her.

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    4. Which resin color did you use for her? Is it the normal or normal pink? Luna loves lovely in this size.
    5. In love with Liz Frost dolls! Have a few myself. Ted and little Ted are absolutely adorable. I would love Liz to make some more animals!
    6. I didn't buy it from Maskcat, but from a friend. I think it is the normal skin. It has a lot of yellow in it. A friend compared it to her Dollstown elf fresh skin and the DT elf body looked pink next to it. The DT elf in oriental skin looks pale and whitish next to it.
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    7. Yes, I love Liz's little animals. I have Ted and Rattie. Rattie has her own little bistro and accessories. LOL I have Ted in white, blue, tan and chocolate. You can see that I love the little guy.
    8. Here are some pics of her in a Denise Maisak outfit.

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    9. Beautiful! Always glad to see her!
    10. I need to take pics of my Liz Frost dolls one day. Unfortunately, my pics don't come out as well as everyone here. I'll have to go online and search for photo tips.
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    11. I'll be glad to look at any pics while you practice :) Mine are never very good but LF girls are so pretty it doesn't matter
    12. Just received a Liz Frost Mia, she's so adorable. I will be loading pics as soon as I can.
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    14. [​IMG]

      Little Mia found a stray kitten. It was love at first site!!
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    15. Mia is all ready for warmer weather!

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