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Wondering about keeping dolls on shelves, what depth is good so they dont fall off?

Feb 9, 2011

    1. Hey guys. I was thinking of putting up Shelves to sit my SD 13 girls on.. anyone know what depth the shelves should be so they sit okay without worry of falling off.

    2. A good way to figure this out would be to set them on a desk or table, and see how far back they need to be for them to be stable.
    3. I have a shelf of about 20cm depth for my dolls (possibly even a bit less). It's actually a CD shelf with a bit bigger top for other stuff. Even for my 70cm doll it's good enough. Though better watch out with dolls that are a bit unstable. My tiny gives me the most problems, certainly when my bf puts them away -_-"
      Just see whether they sit stable enough and check them out once in a while for the first hours to make sure they still are ;)
    4. I have these mad 15-3/4" deep shelves from IKEA which are deep enough to seat an SD16 if needed. I keep my dolls sitting on furniture, so their legs are up out of the way, but that's more than deep enough for an SD13 girl (with stiletto heels on). They're also modular/expandable, for collections that seem to keep growing.

      Actually they're more like high-rise dormitories. :whee:
    5. We just finished adding some shelving to my workroom, including a 12 in. by 4 ft. cantilever shelf for my doll collection. It's terrific to have a place to display my dolls but it has such a low weight limit (around 15 lbs.) that I won't be putting anything except my dolls on it. I will have to unbox all my dolls, too. There isn't room enough to store the boxes, empty or full. Sheesh. So far, I'm comfortable with 15 cm to 60 cm dolls sitting on that shelf. Unfortunately I have a 70 cm EID who doesn't sit well while clothed, and he's flat on his back, until I find a better, more interesting position. ^_^

    6. I really like how this looks.. " )
    7. Thanks for all the info guys. I appreciate it.. off to look at shelving this weekend and see what might work.