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Wondering if there are any BJD Japanese forums on the web?

Jul 18, 2007

    1. this is kind of an odd question I know. But I recently was able to come across a Spanish speaking web forum online, that is very similar to DOA. And it was actually a great help to me since I am studying Spanish in school now and its giving me a chance to practice the language and at the same time talk about something I find interesting. Which will probably make me improve more so then if it was something I am not interested in.
      But I am also trying to learn Japanese right now too! Since I eventually plan on moving to Japan to pursue an English teaching job. And I would really like to be able to find a online Forum that is in all Japanese that focuses mostly on ABJDS like DOA does.
      I have been trying to do a google search to find something like that. But have come up with little to nothing at all. And I figure its nearly impossible for there to be none at all...since BJDs are primarily based out of Korea and Japan anyway.
      So I was wondering if I could get some help from you girls and see if you all had heard of or seen any places online that are like this?
      I really apologize if this is going off topic I am really trying for it not to be I just figured at least someone one here might know more then I do...and since my searching the web is getting no where I am starting to become just a little depressed.
      I would really be most great full if anyone can help out in any way at all
    2. Have you tried Googling Doll forum and then say in results narrow, Japanese? It's worth a try, or maybe one of the members here that is from Japan can help. Good Luck, MK
    3. I tried finding one a little right after I moved here (to Japan) and I couldn't find one. :( So I'd be interested in hearing about this too, even though I plan to move back to the US soon... If anyone happens to know of one...
      (I cound't find anything on google. Maybe I'm just bad at searching, but...)
    4. The answer is "yes" and "no." There are lots of personal Web sites showing BJD, but there are no sites like DOA.

      You can try the famous Doll site search site though it's not only for BJD : http://www.3dcg.ne.jp/~kaizoku/dollcircus/
    5. Well I tried basically saying BJD forums + Japanese to narrow it down to Japanese sites. But I didn't come up with anything. And it was honestly pretty odd. Since I had heard people say the the Japanese have been using online Communities and blogs for longer then we have. I would have figured there'd be at least one online forum in Japanese that is centered around dolls. I mean there are people that do the hobby there too right?!
      I am going to try and keep searching as much as I can if I find anything at all I will make sure to post it on here.
    6. You may have more luck if you try searching *in* Japanese. I say "may" because I just tried a cursory search and not a whole lot came up :(
      2chan (http://www.2chan.net/) has a general "doll" page, if you're willing to go there.
    7. I think also fans in Japan are more close together so it may be easier to just meet up at a Sumika or even a cafe, karaoke box, or someone's home. Outside of Japan there may be only a handful of people in any given city who are interested in BJDs (if there's even more than one person!), and it can be hard to get information on shopping and different brands' releases and whatnot, so having an internet community can be really helpful.

      From video clips I've seen from various shows/documentaries it does seem like BJD collectors living in Japan meet up with one another fairly frequently instead of only communicating online. Many of them probably met one another in BJD environments like Dollpas or Volks shops, whereas it would be hard to just run into someone like that in a place without so many well-known doll shops or conventions.

      I'm obviously not living in Japan so I don't know- just some thoughts. : )

      EDIT: Also, a lot of people's sites seem to have individual mini-BBSes or guestbooks which get used to communicate. I don't know if it's every Japanese doll site or what have you, but they seem to be somewhat common on Japanese sites... : )
    8. The Japanese don't really use web forums like this. They tend to use 2ch or your more typical japanese BBS. There is no real equivalent of DoA for them strangely enough.
    9. I've heard of BBS but I really don't know too very much about it...would you mind telling me what it is?
      This will all probably be a very good recource for me for when I want to move out to Japan and actually meet people to do hobby like things with so I am glad I am finding out this information now! :)
    10. Oh never mind its a Broadband system right? lol sorry I am totally out of it when it comes to any type of Broadband..I really should look at getting something like that in the near future. I guess its more advanced over there?
    11. As some members mentioned, 2ch is the biggest BBS(bulletin board system) in Japan and it has a doll section. The thread about Volks SD always has the latest information. However, it used to be an "underground" site and still have the atmosphere. That's why I didn't mention it in my previous post.
    12. uh I wonder just where that is on the site, I tired looking yesterday but ended up finding Japanese Porn ads and got a little turned off to looking at the site for too much longer after coming across them.