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Woodlings Baby Fauns by CCC

Jan 10, 2009

    1. [​IMG]

      Quadruplets - The Woodlings Baby Fauns: Issa, Jemmy, Lena and Kimbo

      * * Default Face Up & Body Blush is the standard CCC (same as Yoshi / Deer Faith = Asian Cream / Susu resin * *

      * * On the picture is an Optional Custom Woodlings Baby Fauns colours Face Up & Body Blush shown

      From left to right:
      Issa: Yellow (sparkle gold) , Jemmy: Orange (pumpkin ornange), Lena: Green (interference green), Kimbo: Brown (antique bronze)

      Official release today Saturday 15th at 15.00 pm (The Netherlands)

      Thanks for your love and support!

      CCC Staff/Team,
      Charles Stephan
    2. awww, they are quite sweet, but at 8cm tall i'd be terrified of breaking them!
    3. but the resin is very strong. I have yoshi, faith and kayu, kayu is only 5cm, but I am not afraid he will break, the resin looks very beautifull like wax, but it feels very solid. (of course I am not throwing with them, but I am not being extra carefull, I do like to touch my dolls a lot, put them in different positions etc.... It's just that you really should like tiny's and I do:)
    4. Thank you so much dear Wilkies!

      ... and to all (old and new) CCC customers,

      Thank you all very much for your love and support on our latest release of the Woodlings Baby Fauns, they were very warmly received yesterday, truly wonderful!

      It's much appreciated,

      CCC Staff/Team
      Charles Stephan
    5. Wilkies,
      Which 2 did you order? Did you get the special colors? I could only afford 1 right now and ordered Issa in default like Deer Faith . She is so petite and precious can't wait to see what these little ones are like.
    6. I had forgotten about the layaway program, so I realized I could get a baby Faun after all. Yippee! Now I have a pouty baby Issa coming to join the family. :fangirl:

      Tyna I love the outfit you made for Yoshi, she looks so at home among the purple flowers! Thanks for the compliments on my box opening story.

      Jonlyn, I'm glad you liked the pictures... the elf wigs are all from Tinybear... Bracken's wig was super long and I cut it into a boy cut. I made the clothes for them, but mimisstuff made the pink outfit on Moona and the outfit on the dark tan Mina-boy.

      Valli, congratulations on your Kayu and Jemmy! How exciting!

      zarrie, thank you, and congratulations on Jemmy!

      Alexis Jane, Lena is soooo darling. Congratulations!

      wilkies, you will definitely have the ultimate CCC collection, hope you'll post lots of pictures!
      I hope *everyone* will post lots of photos! :D
    7. oh, I have a blush on my cheeks:blush I first orderd two then three, :D and I hope to order the fourth end of februari or march, and I orderd the colored ones, they are so cute. ( end of this month I will get a bonus from my work, for not being sick all year, that's why I took advance on that money)
      And because I have issa, jemmy and kimbo on order it would be sad when lena can't come and play with them:D...........

      I am not rich!!!!!!!!!!! so when charles comes up with a other woodling, I hope not to soon, I am happy he offers layaway!!
    8. Ha, Winternight, Issa is my favourite faun too, congrats, I hope we will see your little family greeting Issa when she arrives. :)
    9. I ordered Jemmy as default. He's so sweet and Kayu.
    10. Aww...I would love Issa or Jemmy...or both. ;)
    11. I just found out the baby fauns have little teeny tails! Charles has a photo up on his Flickr.com pages. How cute is THAT!
    12. yes.. I did see it, so cute:D
    13. Don't know how I keep missing all of these threads. I too ordered Issa and keep thinking about another. Did not know they had little tails. How adorable.
    14. Glad you're joining us, Bugs.
    15. Welcome to this thread Bugs, great to see you here too ;-)
    16. 4 more days and they should be in the post!
    17. Update 02/01/2009

      Hi everyone!

      Here is our latest (order after 24th December 2008) shipping update info
      We have had some delays because of weather conditions at our CCC based factory (Indonesia). We are very sorry about that and we're hoping for your understanding. Thanks for your patience.

      Yoshi & Kayu = will be shipped after 9th February
      Deer Faith (2nd layaway final payments received) = will be shipped after 9th February
      Baby Fauns = will be shipped after 16th February

      Thank you,
      CCC Staff/Team
    18. Wow! How do I get one of these little sweeties?
    19. Dear Erinnlee,

      Thanks for your inquiry. There are only a few left of each type of our Baby Fauns available for ordering. You can order through our shop (1st you need to sign up for a free account). ** You can opt for a default or custom faceup, and a special surprise will be send with each baby.

      Here's the link: http://shop.charlescreaturecabinet.com

      Thanks again and have a great day!

    20. [​IMG]

      Bunny (yellow), Squirrel (orange), Frog (green) and a Monkey (brown).

      Thank you for your love and support!

      Have a great day,