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Woosoo avaliable to order

Apr 17, 2005

    1. I wasn't sure where to post this, so I'm posting on the news section. My apologies if this post is meant to go elsewhere.

      I can take up to 15 orders of Woosoo from now until he sells out.
      The price is $600, plus shipping (shipping fee can be viewed on my website http://cpdelf.lil.to).

      Included are: Woosoo Head, boy body, Woosoo Vampire Sleeping Head, 3 pairs of hands, limited boots and wig.

      Since you already get 3 pairs of hands in the package, there is no usual free gift (extra pair of hands).

      Makeup is $50 for one head, and $90 for both normal head and sleeping head (two heads).

      Woosoo will be shipped on May 25.
    2. Hi Liria,

      I emailed you my order! :wink:

    3. I've pm'ed you Liria, let me know what you think!
    4. Hi, Liria,

      I emailed my order, too, as soon as your post was up. :grin: Will we be getting confirmations soon?

    5. Me too!
      P.S. Hi Kathi!!
    6. Has anyone heard if WooSoo shipped on schedule?
    7. I was wondering the same thing... I even zipped a message to Liria but I haven't heard anything... I am anxious and rocking back and forth with anxiety.
    8. Yup, I emailed her yesterday (I think.....or today) and no answer, but I am not sure if she is in school again.
      I saw pics of WooSoo with makeup on Y!J, and I'm really looking forward to getting mine!
    9. Me too... If they were indeed shipped on time, then I am guessing mine will arrive either monday or tuesday.
    10. When I ordered from Liria before, she posted the tracking numbers on her website.....nada yet, so I'm thinking we have longer to wait.
    11. Quite possible, unless she just hasn't been online at all, which is also that possability. Blah... I hate the wait.
    12. it's been a week since i placed my order and no word yet on if it's been accepted ... kind of hard to have that $$$ just sitting there and *not* spend it on new stuff for the other dolls!

      hope Liria gets online soon ...
    13. {{Woosoo Vampire Sleeping Head}}

      Ooohh....Are there any pics of this?

      {{edit - Never Mind. I found the pic on Liria's website. CUTE!}}
    14. It's showing on her site that my payment was recieved. Just waiting for that holy holy tracking number!
      I can't wait!
      I have a bunch of awesome clothes for him to fill! :daisy

      I'm sure it will be Woo soon!
    15. Ho-ho. That is very punny... >_> *makes squeaky flustery sounds*

    16. I guess we are all still in a "holding pattern" on this? I checked the site and still nothing,I guess Liria has finals?
      I CAN so nderstand that, but I am curious as to if or when he they been shipped?

      Does she need to fill all 15 orders before they are shipped?
      Are they sent directly from CP?

      Anyone know? *_*
    17. I am trying to be patient.....
      I did see that she put the notice on her BB yesterday about final exams, but NO update on the status of the WooSoo orders that have already been paid for.

      Maybe she has no answer from CP, but I'd prefer to hear that, even if it's no news.
    18. :o :o I JUST got my Woosoo! I ordered from Liria as well, and was anxiously awaiting word from her but like everyone here, hadn't heard anything. But the mailmain just dropped Woosoo on my doorstep!!

      So take heart; the Woosoos ARE being shipped! Some of you may get him today/tomorrow :D
    19. YAY! Thanks for the great news! I was hoping for guerilla delivery! OOH OOH! :wink:
    20. Yup, mine is here too.
      I have WooSoo, wrong eye color (ok, I can live with that), but he has NO eyelashes!
      In his box, is a roll of Korean scotch tape, and ONE eyelash!

      I want two lashes!!!
      His faceup is really nice, though, and I am wicked afraid to mess it up with glue and lashes.
      Grrrr.....I guess I'll contact Luts about getting an entire pair of lashes for him.