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Woosoo in stock @ Luts :) Last quantity.

Jul 16, 2005

    1. The Woosoo LE doll is in stock: there are 7 left according to the site :daisy This is the last quantity according to the site, so this is your last chance to get the pretty boy if you wanted him!
      Good Luck!
    2. 5 left. Did you get one Precious?
    3. Yue's all grown up~~~ *dies laughing*
    4. Mmm...I only wish I could buy another one. He's just so awesome in person...though I did mod both of the heads...lol Good luck to anyone else that's been waiting on him!!

      Still 5 left right now too...
    5. Sakhmet, how long did it take for your Woosoo to get to you? Was it the usual 30 days or did they ship right away?
    6. Well I split mine with another member, Knovak, and our order went through Liria. So I can't really give you a time estimate coming straight from CP, sorry. I'm assuming you got him though, and oh dear god you won't be disappointed!! I would have waited much longer for him if I had to because he's just THAT good. lol Sorry I can't really be of any help though. :|
    7. Yup, I think I fell under that vampire spell. Got him with no make-up, so this should be interesting.

      They love me at Luts.
    8. For some reason I seriously think Woosoo has the smallest vampire fangs of all the vampire heads. Even with the high contrast my vampire head has, with the dark purple lips and white teeth...they've been pretty tough to get in a photo, whereas Petra's recent vampire Shiwoo head had much more natural toned makeup, and his fangs were pretty clearly visible. Then again I have nothing to compare him to...yet. lol Once the CP group order gets here...with my Shiwoo vampire head in it, I'll just see about those fang sizes!!

      I can't wait to see another Woosoo around the board. I figured getting one of my own, well just the heads for the time being...lol, I'd get tired of seeing them in photos, but not so. Now when I see Woosoo mentioned in the gallery I HAVE to go look. And congrats on catching the final batch!!!
    9. Paul here has a Woosoo that he did the facial and body shading on. His name is Helmut. I will have to ask him if he could put some photos on. Helmut looks great! Paul does amazing work.

      But I am planning on having my Woosoo look different than his. I got ideas. I am hoping he won't be as pink as the Lishe I just got. She is adorable, but that pink will be a little too much for a guy :wink: Might need a little airbrushing if that is the case.

      I had gone back and forth on getting a Woosoo, but when I saw Precious's post I figured might as well. Was thinking about getting another guy.

      edited to add only 2 Woosoos left...
    10. lol Yeah, Paul's Helmut is very good, I love seeing pictures of him (ok so I like seeing his whole crew of dolls, they're all so unique in their own ways)! You can see a whole one eye of my modded normal Woosoo as my avatar. lol Hopefully I'll be able to get him a body soon, I don't like having disembodied heads!! Even disembodied Woosoo heads make me sad. lol
    11. I think your avatar looks awesome. I like the red eyes with the black. Very intense. Hope you are able to get a body soon so we can see him in total.

      I should have known something was up yesterday when I had that urge to buy Luts' Dragon Blade outfit.

      Only one Woosoo left, the very last one available...after him there will be no more of this limited...

      (interesting how this set is only in normal skin tone)

      Edited to add Woosoo is all gone. No more. Hope everyone who wanted one got one!
    12. ...Missed it.


      This is what I get for having a life. BAD LIFE! BAD! *grumble*
    13. I was almost tempted to. But then again, I want my first doll to be El, soo... (Not enough money for 2 of them :( ) *sigh*
      Hopefully one will pop up on ebay someplace if I ever decide to buy one.
    14. FYI - after paying for Woosoo it took 16 days for him to ship out. It then took 2 days for him to ship. So my total wait was 18 days.
    15. *smiles* I learn quick! :oops: or maybe not quick enough. What's the old saying in the doll collecting world? Have credit card will travel, and get up early . . . or miss the fun. :roll:

      Well atleast I can go out and enjoy the photos of this beauty . . . actually I couldn't have afforded him right now anyway . . . waiting for my two guys to arrive soon.
    16. Thanks S2Kitty! From what I have heard it will take 1 to 2 weeks for him to arrive.

      And from where I am at, it was about 10:30 pm at night when I saw the post that they were available. I had just got on line. Usually Luts puts stuff on later than that. I tend to be on-line alot because I sell on Ebay and have to check my e-mail all the time. I do get out in the real world occasionally, :wink:

      Yup credit cards are handy, and keeping an eye on this board and any doll makers website if there is something special you are waiting for. I do make sure tho that I have cash to cover my purchases. And to pay my other bills.