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WOOSOO June stock up at eluts

Jun 8, 2005

    1. www.eluts.com

      There's no 'Out of Stock' Under WooSoo at the moment ^^
    2. I was just about to make a topic about this!! lol

      The third and I believe FINAL chance to get Woosoo from Luts. Good luck to anyone that wants him!
    3. I just went to the site and he is out of stock. Maybe it was only one left because somebody cancel their order or something.


    4. i think he was available for all of about 6 hours ... i guess that's how long it took him to sell out!
    5. Well he was available at like...3:00 am Michigan time. Looks like you've gotta be up in the wee hours of the morning to catch CP limiteds...lol But now I know this for next time...since I'm sure there will be one. lol
    6. He's back again now, 3:10 pm EST.
    7. My guess is that someone just canceled thier order...
    8. just checked the site and he is available right now. :o
    9. Someone suggested a trick of knowning how many dolls are left at eLuts. Just type in a ridiculous quantity and a pop will show how many are available before the auto [Out of Stock] button comes up. Whoever you are you're brilliant.

      EDIT// I just did that and there is one left :o
    10. OT, but thanks, that's very handy! When I tried it on the dolls I have my eye on (only 2 of Shiwoo left in stock! Eek! don't have the money yet... he'll get restocked... calm down girl...), I also found that it revises the value in the quantity field to the number left in stock.

    11. Yes, if there is only one left it changes the quantity to 1.

      There's only one Soony Special left and my father is held back at work tonight :crushed
      How long before they're restocked again? 3 weeks?

      EDIT// Woosoo Special are all sold old. This ends the series I think. Hopefully there will be some on Ebay?
    12. Two woosoo's in stock right now at Luts!