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working for a doll company? (link to my doll)

Mar 9, 2007

    1. well, has anyone here worked for a doll company? (like sales rep, faceup artist or even a sculptor!)

      what was it like?

      how did you get the job?

      or would you want to work there? (and what position would you want)

      well... I'll start

      I want to get a job at Volks, as a doll sculptor, I have already made one doll, and I think that it is pretty good, and I wanted to show it to Shigeta-sama at the dolpa coming up in LA later this year. would he be offended if I asked, and Does Volks even hire sculptors? (especially American ones?) should I even bother asking?

      EDIT: link to my doll http://denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1680828#post1680828
    2. The only sculptors Volks has doing Super Dollfies work at Zoukeimura, Inc. in Japan.
    3. I don't think it ever hurts to ask. ^_^ Good luck with your sculpting and I hope you get a chance to talk to Mr Shigeta about it.

      As for the first few questions, no, I have never worked for a doll company. ^_^;; It sounds like fun but I'm hardly qualified...except maybe as sales staff or translator-of-last-resort. XD I might be good at sales since I am a huge fan of Volks MSDs and really enjoy sharing how fun they are with others.
    4. I know someone who works at the Volks store in LA... but I don't think that's entirely what you're looking for and I don't work there myself...

      I don't know how many sculptors Volks has in the Dollfie department... I've only met one: Akihiro Enku... I know Mikey and the others usually design them, but I'm pretty sure they don't sculpt them themselves. There may be other sculptors of course, I just don't know their names... Do we have any Volks experts that can confirm this?

      At any rate, you should definitely show him and ask about it... it never hurts and even if he's not interested in hiring a new sculptor, he always seems genuinely charmed by what dollfie fans/owners do... He's very nice.
    5. I would love to work for a doll company.
      Especially for Narin Dolls.
      I don't know how to describe it, but that company is so special!
    6. I know!:) Living in japan would be the best part of the job! I have planned to move there since I was about 12, and working for a company while I am there would be a dream come true :aheartbea
    7. yeah! I would be happy just to meet him, and go to a dolpa. from what I have seen Shigeta-sama is a very fun person (the staff costumes at the Halloween party kind of gave me a picture of how he has a silly personality)
    8. I would LOVE to work for a doll company. ; _ ; I doubt I'll ever get the chance, but it would be amazing.
    9. I saw some photos of a BJD store. I think it would be super awesome to work in one! I could never be a sculptor or faceup artist or anything like that. But, just working as a sales clerk inside would be just wow!
      I could be their translator for English-speaking customers ;) I'd be sure to tell them how amazingly wicked BJDs are and how they're worth the money.
    10. All the sculptors are discussed in my guide on the People page.
    11. Bailey here on DoA works for Volks USA. She lived 15 minutes from me, and flew across the country to interview and got the job. She is one of the ones who takes people's FCS orders!
    12. I did a sculpt once for Jean Nordquist's reproduction bisque doll molds company... It was fun but it didn't end up selling that well, haha! You might even be able to look her up... her name was Naomi. XD

    13. I know that it's not exactly an answer to your question, but have you considered casting your own dolls from your sculpts, and starting your own (small) company?

      I agree that it doesn't hurt to ask existing companies whether they would be interested in hiring you, but they'd probably want to see a portfolio of work (which is why casting a few dolls yourself might help)
    14. yeah I have thought of making my own company, but it is very hard to make it big. I was hoping to make it into a job that I could have to support myself with:sweat

      I have only made one head, and one body, but I think that I will make a cast of the head and modify it to make another. and even make them in resin.

      I will post my pics in the artists bjd section when i take them. then maybe I can get some better help.

      thanks everyone for helping me!
    15. I'd love to make my own dolls but don't know how to sculpt :( How does it work? Do designers contact sculpters and get them to make a prototype? Then make a mold from the prototype?

      I've heard the molds can cost a fortune...
    16. addicted...read the section on how they are made in the first chapter of BJD_WTF... the link is in my sig. :)
    17. a bit off topic, but that bjd -wtf page took up most of my morning today, im a newbie so it was very much appreciated! thankyou:))

      kuroda - i wish you lots of luck - it would be amazing to be able to sculpt my own dolls!
    18. I think it would be lot's of fun! But I would love to do the clothing! There are so many styles and lot's of people like lot's of different stuff!
    19. Many doll companies we all buy from are not very big, just two or three people. I think Volks is the only BJD company that started "big", they already had years of success making models and figure kits. Every other "big" company started from scratch (small), if you are serious about turning your love of dolls into a profession and are confident in your skills, you shouldn't worry about starting small, it's where you should start. :sweat

      A company like Volks would ask to see more than just a casual portfolio of work. They'd look at an applicant's higher education, arts training, and background. A personal philosophy about dolls that matched their own would be a must. You would have to be fluent in Japanese. (p.s. Keep in mind that NO Volks employee even owns any other type of BJD, brand loyalty is expected.)
    20. well, since I havent even graduated high school yet I dont think that I have any higher education :sweat

      Starting small is probably the best idea. I just get really caught up in wanting something to work instantly.

      I also think that I would have to have made about 5 dolls to even be considered, because someone who just made ONE thing could mean that they are not that good at doing it.

      thanks everyone! I am going to be some serious thinking