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Worst Body Ever? Dolkot (first version) by a Mile!

Oct 10, 2006

    1. Just had to vent about the horrors of the Dollkot male body. What a disaster. The knees will never lock so he will never be able to stand, the legs want to buckle inwards for an attractive pigeon-toed look, the head droops down and points at his chest, and that lower torso joint keeps popping open to expose wires. And this is AFTER I had his body worked on - restrung and sueded - by one of the best in the business, at the convention in Austin. What was Dollkot thinking when they designed and released a body in this totally non-functional condition? I know I'll never be able to sell it (and guess what? I have two of them because I bought one for my Kiss head before I discovered how totally horrible this body truly is), and this post will most likely kill any future effort on my part to unload these monstrocities, but I thought others deserved to be warned. The Dollkot body is the worst ever. Their heads can be nice but the bodies - hopeless. IMHO.
    2. Wow umm...just wow...

      I have had two Kiss boys in my house and I will say this about the bodies. The torso flopping back and exposing the innerds happens A LOT! There was very seldom a time that I didn't reach into a torso when picking one of them up. The head tilt thing did occur, but that was due to tight stringing and a little tugging at them worked it out and the head moved fine...Umm, not standing? I never had that problem with them. In fact both Kiss bodies I had stood perfectly even on carpet. I didn't restring them or suede them at all. They came to me that way...the arms posed fine and well...I can understand your frustration but I didn't have -that- many problems with them. The biggest thing was the low torso joint that really was a nightmare...

      I'm sorry you're so frustrated!! *gives hugs*
    3. Wow! Even after sueding and restringing? That's horrible! I've had a few dolkot bodies and they seemed fine . . . I didn't suede or restring them either. I'm sorry to hear your disappointment though! I know what its like to get a doll, and have the body just not be up to par, as my most recent doll purchase has left me very disappointed as well. I hope you can find a way to rectify this!
    4. yeah my kiss stands and poses ok ^__^ his middle joint doesn't pop at all.
      he does have problems with his knees though, they would not lock. so I wired the legs up to the middle of his stomach and he's been standing just fine :D


    5. Really? My Leaf girl doesn't give me that much problems...she's stood well from the moment she came out her carrier. Her arms are alittle floppy...but that' just because I haven't restrung her yet. Other than that I don't have that torso problem and her knees lock most of the time. Unless she is being difficult.
    6. Everybody finds a doll body type that isn't right for them and how they play. I don't mind the Dollkot body that lives with me although we did put wire in his legs.

      I usually keep my dolls strung pretty loose so I sometimes have the torso popping problem with a couple of them. I put up with that over kicky legs any day of the week. CP bodys make me :evil:.
    7. I purchased a used Hara. He is my first doll with the low waist joint, and it does sometimes pop out of place. The same is true of my roommate's Narin boy, though. When I received my Hara, he didn't stand. His legs wouldn't stay straight at all. Sanding, sueding, and restringing done, and he stands great. And now that I know about the waist joint popping out, I'm more careful about how I pick him up, is all.
      You really want to talk about bad bodies, talk to someone who's modded a Rasendou doll.
    8. Yeah, we've got two dolkot bodies. Wires in the legs prevents the knees from buckling and is cheap and dirt easy to boot. One body has the waist joint pop and his head waggle, but I think that's cause we need to pull more string out of him. He's a little loose. Either than that, they're not bad! I rather like them, even if they're not my ultimate favorites.
    9. i sorry for ur troubles and maybe u can sell the bodies to those who need to scrap them. like a parts car. and if u cna't maybe u can write it into their background. liek my elfdoll tiny she doesn't stand never has no matter what i do. so i just say she's parrerlized.
    10. I have a Dolkot boy body and yesterday I f9inally glue-gun sueded him. It didn't really work on his elbows, but for the shoulders, hips, and knees, it worked great and he can stand easily on his own. I do have problems with the middle popping out, but I think I need to tighten the string.

      I'm sorry that your sueding didn't help though. Maybe they're not all made the same? I know how dissappointing it can be to have a doll that doesn't work right.
    11. I hate them too but you do get used to them. If you play with your dolls alot you'll soon find yourself automatically holding your dolkot in a way that will keep the torso from popping out.
    12. I have to agree, this is the second worst body I've dealt with. I have handled a lot of bodies, and I've extensively modified a Rasendou boy too (who was the WORST body ever)... and I still think this.

      I was writing a tutorial on sueding and I had expected it to mostly fix my Dolkot boy. Not so! The stupid brat would still barely stand. I sort of went a little insane and started just modding the joints.... and it's STILL not fixed. He stands much better and his tummy joint doesn't pop out anymore, but... ugh. I still have two major problems left to tackle before I can consider him "fixed." The stringing channels are messed up and the knee joints are poorly thought-out. One leg is also about 1/5th of an inch longer than the other. -_-

      The whole modding process will be in the article I'm working on, if I can get it under control.
    13. Wow, it sounds like it takes a lot to love one of their dolls. That's really unfortunate. I wonder if they'll look into creating a new body?
    14. i don't know, mizunoseiryuu's Kyo had all those problems when he arrived, and i still adored him on sight, i-need-a-wig wig and all, and still do, even after trying a head-swap experiment for a friend left me restringing him unexpectedly when one of his legs fell off (i hadn't realized the elastic for his legs was two separate loops instead of a single one.)

      now that he's been sanded, sueded, and restrung, the only continuing problem is the tummy-joint, and even that's not much of a problem. he stands like a ROCK and poses beautifully.

      this is not to say the body couldn't benefit from a redesign, though. many could.
    15. Maybe I'm just not picky about bodies, but I don't mind the Dolkot one. (Then again, I've only had it for a week.) The tummy on mine pops out all the time too, but that's the only outstanding problem I've had when I've been playing around with it. I have less trouble getting the Dolkot body to stand than my CP one and my DoT one. XD
    16. I think any doll with a low waist joint is going to have that pop.Ive seen people with Hounds complain about it alot(something about it being a popping joint of doom...)and Ive seen my sister have to deal with her Dollti Wooyan doing that too.Its definately not just Dolkot though....
    17. i dunnno about dollkot but D.i.m. is worse =.= now im reconsidering getting a kiss >.>
    18. I thought the DIM SD boy body was bad enough,but I think the Dolkot sounds worse @___@
      I guess I should be happy then.
    19. This is kind of funny because I was thinking of swapping my Dolkot body for a DIM body because the resin match would be better. Are the newer DIM bodies as bad as the R-Asiam bodies?
    20. soom has the lower body joing and Pandora (gena) has never poped out, and i have taken her everywhere and done manything with her sincei got her